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  1. kastriot

    More Buyers for AMD Due to Intel CPU Shortages, OEMs Unhappy

    Good good, AMD continue like this in the near 7nm future..
  2. kastriot

    Remote desktop question

    Try to reset password for admin too.
  3. kastriot

    After a Windows 10 Update Today Overclocking is lost. WTF Microsoft and Intel???

    You should publish book based on this thread..
  4. kastriot

    When to replace a PSU ?

    More wattage so Plus Gold 650, more headroom.
  5. kastriot

    Coffee Lake i9-9900k where they are ... ?

    "640Kb is more than enough for PC.."
  6. kastriot

    Devil May Cry 5 PC Requirements Revealed - 8 Threads, 8 GB RAM Minimum

    Even 1 thread is too much for this crap..
  7. kastriot

    Remote desktop question

    Using the policy, you can disable blank password restrictions. Below are the steps to change the policy. 1. On the Start menu, type run then press enter. 2. Run window will appear. Type gpedit.msc, then click ok. This gpedit is the group policy editor. 3. Go to this path, Computer...
  8. kastriot

    Linpack Xtreme Released

    Here with latest build:
  9. kastriot

    Powercooler Red Devil Vega 64 at MSRP?!

    If you want to buy vega 56/64 get them from failed mining industry they are cheaper.
  10. kastriot

    It is not possible Control the fan manually

    Try to change bios switch position and see it that makes difference.
  11. kastriot

    Telltale Games Enters Majority Closure, Walking Dead Finale Reportedly Cancelled

    Well i had fun will 1st game and it was good ,so many good memories, tnx Telitale.
  12. kastriot

    It is not possible Control the fan manually

    Post gpu-z screenshot here.
  13. kastriot

    MyDigitalSSD Drops Pricing for Recently-Released BPX Pro M.2 NVMe SSDs by up to 25%

    It's a crap son.. (Beneath the steel sky)
  14. kastriot

    RTX 2080 memory bandwidth issue

    O man i feel sorry for you, wasted money eh?
  15. kastriot

    Full time Linux user and gamer?

    Linux was not made for gaming so..