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  1. kastriot

    Phanteks Introduces The New PH-TC12LS RGB CPU Cooler

    Not bad, not bad.
  2. kastriot

    Intel Gen11 iGPU Roughly as Fast as Radeon Vega 8 (Ryzen 3 2200G)

    So what they saying it's outdated before even is taped out, nice.
  3. kastriot

    Microsoft Revamping Its IntelliMouse With Improved Sensor

    I still have original intellimouse explorer i bought in 2000 for 150 euros or deutsche marks :P
  4. kastriot

    Fallout 76 Patch Adds FOV & DOF Sliders, Improves Camp Placements and Construction

    Dead horse in the deep mud mosquito infested swamp.
  5. kastriot

    gpu upgrade.

    1060/580 minimum look for used ones in ebay, 1050 is dead horse.
  6. kastriot

    Antec Torque

    This is interesting concept but also you need a dust/moisture free home which 99.9% of homes doesn't deliver.
  7. kastriot

    Creative to Launch Audiophile-grade Sound Card: Sound BlasterX AE-9

    Creative lost his way long time ago it's pitty really.
  8. kastriot

    ZOTAC Reveals Their Take on the NVLink Bridge

    Another one bites the RGB dust ;)
  9. kastriot

    Raidmax Neon RGB is a Mid-Tower Dominated by RGB LED Front Lighting

  10. kastriot

    Greenliant Industrial SSDs Reach Ultra-High Endurance of 250,000 PE Cycles

    Nothing new really it's slc, do this for tlc and we will be impressed.
  11. kastriot

    TP-Link Introduces Archer AX6000 and AX11000 802.11ax Wi-Fi Routers

    Just turn it on backside it will start to walk..
  12. kastriot

    PowerColor and TechPowerUp GPU-Z Giveaway: The Winners!

    Darn, i didn't won :P congrats to winners.
  13. kastriot

    Text rendering lag on RX 580

    I presumed it's not from miners ;)