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  1. kastriot

    Steam Releases 'External Funds Used' Tool

    1300$ here :toast:
  2. kastriot

    Graphics Card Shipments Fall On Weak Mining Demand in 2H18; Prices to Remain Hiked

    Well they earned lot of money last year so..
  3. kastriot

    First Benchmarks, CPU-Z Screenshots of AMD Ryzen Threadripper 32-core CPU Surface

    Hear hear! 32/64 core cpu and it's not Intel :) P.S(Death to trolls!)
  4. kastriot

    Samsung Wants to Design Their Own Graphics Processor

    The more the merrier.
  5. kastriot

    Fake 4GB Radeon R7 350, 1GB Firmware Fix Needed

    Another chinese fake? :)
  6. kastriot


    Yep good choice, you get big boost in games.
  7. kastriot

    What processor do you use?

    4670K@4.2 1.1235V and i have also X5650@4GHz but now using mainly 4670 because of usb 3.0, sata 3 and 40-50% faster single core for gaming :P
  8. kastriot

    ADATA SX8200 480 GB

    It's a overpiced crap simple as that.
  9. kastriot

    what is wrong with this card

    It's busted prolly memory issue.
  10. kastriot

    Just upgraded to Ryzen 2700X from Ryzen 1600, slight performance drop?

    Put again old 1600 and sell 2700X, don't torture yourself.
  11. kastriot

    Doesn't look like next gen Navi high end Radeon is coming to gamers anytime soon

    Well there isno loyality in bussiness and about navi for gamers i don't think so, miners will grab all gpu-s again and again..
  12. kastriot

    Intel Readying 22-core LGA2066 and 8-core LGA1151 Processors

    At least they didn't made another socket for those cpu-s. :toast:
  13. kastriot

    PC crashes, most likely my R9 390?

    Simplest solution is to test gpu in other desktop if you have any friend and to eliminate 390X from equation.
  14. kastriot

    Fallout 76 is Online-only, No Full Single-player Experience

    "It's a crap son" (Beneath the steel sky!)
  15. kastriot

    Intel's 28-core HEDT Processor a Panic Reaction to 32-core Threadripper

    Long live competition , death to monopolisation!