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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Unboxing

    It's little bizarre for both a 6 and 8 pin can't see this card running to a 300w power use, it's rumoured to be well under 200W. It only needs one 8 pin , the 6 pin is both overkill and marketing overreach using the old more is better philosophy. Or is this new card a return to the Nvidia room...
  2. KevinCobley

    NVIDIA GeForce 11-series First Wave Launch Dates Leaked

    The dates are all confused 1180 launch date is August 2019 or 2020.
  3. KevinCobley

    NVIDIA's Next Gen GPU Launch Held Back to Drain Excess, Costly Built-up Inventory?

    No chance of any new cards this year, none of the usual "tape out" reports, notifications in Futuremark, or "shipping documentation". Not a single leak from any of the chip makers, OEM card makers, these are companies with many hundreds of employees they aren't the KGB or CIA. The entire rumour...
  4. KevinCobley

    Crytek Implements Crycash Payment Options Into Some of its Games

    There is going to be no Crysis 4, Crytek sold the franchise to EA. Not content with a bizarre attempt to nick money from backers of a crowd-funded game Star Citizen, not yet even released. They not only want a sack of cash which they claimed as their "share" of funds raised by being the game...
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    EA Bleeds $3.1 Billion in Stock Value Over Battlefront II Fiasco

    It's the Murdoch controlled NewsCorpse that's attempting to turn gaming into gambling by stealth, what kind of idiot would spend real money on fantasy island loot crates, that actually have zero loot in them. Buy no loot crates ever.
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    Samsung to Optical-Shrink NVIDIA "Pascal" to 14 nm

    It's pretty clear what will happen with 1080, 1070 and 1060, an optical shrink to 14nm with some tweaks like widening the memory bus to 512 and raising base clock to 1800mhz and boost clock to 2000mhz, probably with 8Gb and 16GB HBM memory versions, they will release as 1180, 1170 and 1160's...
  7. KevinCobley

    SilverStone Unveils the Strider Titanium Line of Power Supplies

    Nice if they added a 500w, newer cards, CPU's, Boards, memory and drives all drawing less power over the next few years the 800w is already a unit that's just too big. We are headed to 400, 500, 600 supplies being the standard for high end systems. Smaller length of 150 is good, maybe 140 needs...
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    Are you playing GTA V for PC yet?

    Terrible game, the 65GB is the huge number of scripted videos that are tacked on, very little game and too much video. Graphics are pre Crysis 1, very dated. Why on earth are there car towing missions, pointless? Took a lot of hours play to get to first good shootout at the bikers junkyard...
  9. KevinCobley

    SilverStone Announces SX500-LG Power Supply

    Excellent Idea this PSU as is the Nightjar (would have been real nice if it could have been tweaked to 140mm).A couple of Molex to SATA adapters thrown in would be nice, but they are real cheap anyway so it ain't a problem. It's about time that PSU's were scaled down in size, Graphics cards...
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    Microsoft to Rebrand Internet Explorer

    I can remember when Mozilla was Netscape, charging $85 a year for the browser, Opera was there too at $55, and how the world rejoiced when Microsoft gave us a Freebee, it's a wonder they are so hated. No performance issues with IE at all, don't like the metro layout much always use the old IE
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    Intel Facing HEDT Chipset Troubles, Again?

    My Crucial MX100 SSD Raid array is working perfectly, Trim is running original driver package It was well known before X99 launch the extra 4 SATA ports would run on the Microsoft AHCI controller, I can't see the other 3 drives on RST, but they are present on explorer and are all...
  12. KevinCobley

    What are your future GPU plans?

    NVidia should end marketing gimmicks from GPU OEM's, Most of the so called 980 "models" are bizarre concoctions some with 2 x 8 pin power plug when the most over fanned and overclocked card are never going to draw more than 200W, NVidia should have limited cards to 2 x 6 pin a length of no more...
  13. KevinCobley

    Apacer Announces the PT910 PCI-Express SSD

    John's comments are fairly correct, the makers of these types of drives are ripping off the suckers buying them. These things should be around the same prices as standard SSD's the express interface is only a handful of dollars seen plenty of Xpress x 4 devices under $100. It's even easier to...
  14. KevinCobley

    G.SKILL Officially Announces Ripjaws 4 Series DDR4 Memory Kits

    Widespread price gouging at the retailer level with official list prices of the manufacturers jacked up for pre order. Manufacturers list prices also vary widely some 4 x 4G kits of 2133 with list prices varying between $219-$600. I won't buy until the retail price of 4 x 4G of the 2133 kit is...
  15. KevinCobley

    ASRock Also Reveals the X99M Killer Micro ATX LGA2011 Motherboard

    Why the "Killer LAN" when INTEL is bundling the best LAN solution on the planet with this chipset, "Purity Audio" is Realtek 886 rebadged. Should have junked the Killer and bought Soundcore to paste on.