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    Intel DG2 Graphics Card Leakers Suggest Performance Similar to NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti, AMD RX 6700

    We need a third foundry to address chip shortages.
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    Intel 12th Gen Core Alder Lake to Launch Alongside Next-Gen Windows This Halloween

    Yes. However, AMD is 3D stacking chiplets which makes the big.LITTLE approach irrelevant for at least 1 generation. 15% gains, if true, offer AMD an ace up their sleeve. Smaller nodes and power optimizations will offset the advantage of Intel's big.LITTLE design in no time.
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    AMD's 2022 Ryzen "Raphael" Zen 4 Processor Packs 20% IPC Gain

    He gets a lot correct because he also gets a lot wrong. He basically puts it all out there and flip-flops on everything. I got fed up and unsubscribed his channel. wccftech and videocardz are by far more reliable than this guy. Kudos to him for finding this gold mine, tho'.
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    Intel Tapes in 7nm Meteor Lake Compute Tile

    It's named after the Coffee Lake wetlands in Oregon, 20 miles away from where Intel has a manufacturing facility.
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    NVIDIA Adds DLSS Support To 9 New Games Including VR Titles

    From all the DLSS demos I've seen, I get the feeling DLSS renders things at a lower res and then upsample the output... Can someone explain this a little better?
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    Intel Core-1800 Alder Lake Engineering Sample Spotted with 16C/24T Configuration

    So does the ID "Alder Lake-S 881" mean 8 big, 8 little, 1 GPU?
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    ADATA XPG Wins Three Red Dot Awards for Product Design

    That pretty much sums it up
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    A Sign of the Times: Hong Kong Authorities Dismantle Smuggling Operation... Which Included 300 NVIDIA CMP Cards

    I get that, but Global Semiconductor publishes a paper saying there's 14.9% more sales Feb-to-Feb (that's Revenue, not Volume), which doesn't really translate into paper launches, the way it has done for the GPU makers. Oh well. Here's to the 2022 re-launch of the GTX 1650!
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    A Sign of the Times: Hong Kong Authorities Dismantle Smuggling Operation... Which Included 300 NVIDIA CMP Cards

    I'm surprised that the tech community, in particular tech journalists, are yet to unravel why there is a shortage as bad as it currently is. You can point fingers at the "work from home" situation, two strong console launches, freak acts of God, etc..., but wafer starts should be your first...
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    Kingston Announces NV1 NVMe PCIe SSD

    That TBW is pretty low... My 1TB Kingston A2000 is 600 TBW, my ADATA SX8200 is 640 TBW... this is... 240 TBW on the 1TB version? Wow. Just wow.
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    Intel Core i9-11900K Breaks 7 GHz Barrier at 1.873 V

    11 years since Netburst and Intel can start delivering on their promises... of Netburst.
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    Intel Core i9 and Core i7 "Rocket Lake" Lineup Leaked, Claims Beating Ryzen 9 5900X

    I like how technical marketing nailed the lingo: "Best for bursty workloads"
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    Intel's Raja Koduri Teases Xe HPG Mesh Shading in Action, A Hint at DirectX 12 Ultimate Readiness?

    Plus 1 for you. While most media people who interview him say he is fantastic and knows what he's doing, based on his past accomplishments, I think he's overhyped.
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    AMD Zen 4 Reportedly Features a 29% IPC Boost Over Zen 3

    The problem is that sooner or later AMD becomes as greedy as Intel and realises it has such a performance/technology lead that it can squeeze every last buck from the consumer with minor performance bumps. When confronted with this fact, they will happily point to the fact that "Intel did it...
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    Intel Xe DG1 SDV PCB Pictured, Looks Desolate

    Good point. Are we expecting 3rd-party designs? What is Intel's AIB strategy? I'd expect the entire thing to be a flash in a pan and to work miserably as a companion card for Gen 9, 10 and 11 CPUs, to boost iGPU performance. I can't see a single scenario where this would justify taking it to 3rd...