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    SAM/ReBAR Stripped Out of AMD Open-Source OpenGL Driver RadeonSI Gallium3D

    The article is misleading: they didn't remove ReBAR support, it's still fully there. What was removed were specifically certain memory placement optimizations that are possible to do when ReBAR is active (that's where the "smart" in SAM comes from). See: further clarifications Here and Here
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    France is Trying to Ban Wish by Asking App Stores and Search Engines to Block its Apps and Website

    What baffles me is that apparently, all it takes to kill a website is delist it from search engines. Do people still type addresses and/or URLs to the address bar anymore these days or do they effectively "google the website" and whatnot? Kids these days can't use the web, ngl. t. boomer
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    AMD Brings Smart Access Memory (Resizable BAR) Support to Ryzen 3000 Series

    If you had looked over at what linux does, that would have been clear as day a while ago. Heck, even my old Vega64 on 2700x (Zen+) has it under linux, albeit it is noted that such older hw is not be guaranteed to be free of quirks/problems related to it. Take a look at this phoronix forum thread...
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    oh, hi! I'm mostly OK, thanks for inquiring :)

    oh, hi! I'm mostly OK, thanks for inquiring :)
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    CD Projekt Red to Offer Free Cyberpunk 2077 Upgrades to Next-Gen Console Versions

    Isn't this technically forward-compatibility with the newer systems? After all something working on a current system and being compatible with a new, unreleased system is forward-compatibility. (even though the newer systems use, from their point of view, backwards-compatibility measures to...
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    Support TechPowerUp on Patreon, Unlock New Features

    I wonder how Gold tier's unpublished review thing works, seeing how most reviews are posted as soon as the NDA expires. i.e. ain't this gonna break some NDAs? Unless the reviews get otherwise delayed with a kind of review exclusivity period for Gold-tier members, but that has its own problems...
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    VIA CenTaur Develops a Multi-core x86 Processor for Enterprise with in-built AI Hardware

    I guess I need to sleep more once in a while Thanks for correcting me! :toast:
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    VIA CenTaur Develops a Multi-core x86 Processor for Enterprise with in-built AI Hardware

    Keep in mind, guys, this is a x86 chip, NOT a AMD64 (or x86-64 if you only speak plebian) chip. While VIA does have a x86 (owned by Intel) license due to historical reasons, it doesn't have a license for AMD64 (owned by AMD). EDIT: disregard the above; I'm a brainlet
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    Intel Ice Lake-SP and Cooper Lake-SP Details Leaked

    >48 cores on another monolithic skylake rehash die at 14nm imagine the yields envision the defect rate
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    Intel Discontinues Almost the Entire 7th Generation Core Desktop Processor Series

    Wait a sec, Intel was still producing Baby Lake till now? :D
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    New NetCAT Vulnerability Exploits DDIO on Intel Xeon Processors to Steal Data

    Agree, but in that post I used the "official reasoning" for delayed public disclosure on purpose. Not trying to bash anyone, but if a person is not yet even aware of the standard practice of delayed public disclosure, no point in delving into the silver lining until they do some more of their...
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    New NetCAT Vulnerability Exploits DDIO on Intel Xeon Processors to Steal Data

    >We initiated a coordinated disclosure process with Intel and NCSC (the Dutch national CERT) on June 23, 2019. The vulnerability was acknowledged by Intel with a bounty and CVE-2019-11184 was assigned to track this issue. The public disclosure was on September 10, 2019. As always* the vendor...
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    Vengeance LPX and Ryzen

    They do list that part number in Ryzen Compatibility Page I linked to. The product page itself might simply be not updated for ryzen, I guess. No idea, how do I check without removing the heatspreader? I do run a similar flavour of Corsair Vengeance on my own Ryzen box on an ASRock board, too...
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    Vengeance LPX and Ryzen

    I'm assembling a PC for another person and I ran into a weird problem: This PC just won't post with his Corsair Vengeance LPX (CMK8GX4M1A2400C16) memory stick, but posts just fine if I toss a cheapo ADATA stick I randomly took out from a different machine. I suspected the Vengeance stick might...
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    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Aight, I set my crunchers for no new work and I should stop "helping" the team in ~2 days once it runs out. I'll join in for the next challenge, as promised before, and this time with a 99% chance of two more boxen being "employed" compared to the previous challenge. Sad I can't sustainably...