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    Intel to Move 3D XPoint Memory Manufacturing to China

    That's oversimplified IMO. The sum of capital, know-how etc. makes up the "barrier of entry" to any business. IP's alone doesn't grant you hop-in-the-game-ticket. Some businesses are "protected" by the very nature of the venture. You have two main plane-building companies, two main CPU and GPU...
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    In Win Launches 928 Super Tower case for $999

    Ohh the irony :D
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    House router for a hundred bucks

    Sorry for that, I misinterpreted the end of the thread. I voted for the Netgear one, but haven't pulled the trigger yet, I'm looking for a deal on it. I think it'll be ok with it.
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    Waning Popularity: After Peaking, Apex Legends Already Lost 75% of Its Streaming Audience

    You shouldn't be. There is more to this. You see in order to play a game, you need to invest into: time, money for PC/console,phone, buy the actual game (if it's paid)..etc..etc. And for watching you only need a device capable of playing video. For people that are debating whether to quit gaming...
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    To upgrade or not to upgrade (would I really notice a difference?) That is the question.

    Light office work and gaming usage as you said is a bad combo IMO :). It means, "I don't really need much, but PC is my hobby and the upgrade bug is bitting me". For office work, your PC is fast as your slowest component. In the past that was HDDs, but I see you already have an SSD, so I'd say...
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    Palit GeForce GTX 1650 StormX OC 4 GB

    My first thought. I have two displays: one DP and one HDMI. You can use adapters with the card...but come on.
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    House router for a hundred bucks

    I know it sound a lot, but I didn't give finer details in the first post. House may be 4 floors, but its tiny. Right now they use a D-link DIR315 for 10 euro I bought years ago and on the attic laptops get one or two bars. If this little guy can do this much, I expect something that costs 10...
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    House router for a hundred bucks

    Hello all, title says most of it. I need to replace the router in my parents' house. Budget is a $100. I haven't bought network equipment in a looong time. Could you throw in some suggestions within this range. Please only give a model name, I will check availability locally and see if your...
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    GIGABYTE Rolls Out Aorus ATC800 CPU Cooler

    If it was CoolerMasters's it would boast HDT (heatpipe direct touch) +CDC (continuous direct contact) proudly on the packaging. :)
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    Razer Goliathus Control & Speed

    My first thought when I saw the reviewed item. There like bazillion copies. Actually there are SO many 3mm pads out there, I don't think it matters any more what brand. Now if you are looking for 1mm thickness it gets interesting. :) Logitech for DA win.
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    Are SSDs effective when using SATA II ?

    I am always for SSD. My parents PC used to be 775 socket material. I put Sandisk SSD years ago and the system skyrocketed. Sata was 2 and still saw huuge improvement.
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    Steam Hardware Survey Shows AMD's Continued Struggle to Gain Market Share

    It's nice to have articles/analysis based on data from Steam survey IMO. It's free data, it's regular and it's quick and dirty. What made me choose AMD for my current card was surprisingly their efforts on the software side. I really enjoy the added "ReLive" desktop recording stuff integrated...
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    Cooler Master CM310

    To each, his own. $5 bucks is cheap (Havit, Modecom, Acme...etc, etc) and probably 90% of enterprises have these types of mice and they generate money. $30 bucks is plenty for a casual gamer or even starting professional in digital arts IMO.
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    Cooler Master Releases New NR Series Cases

    Kinda of what my first thought was, but *asterisk: it is mATX only and location of the I/O is subjective. My case is on the ground, I definitely prefer having those on the top. :)
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    Scythe Unleashes Big Shuriken 3 CPU Cooler

    Seems like it, with one diagonal piece on the back. Shouldn't be a problem though. They made the sticking part always above the I/O ports, as was the intention I guess.