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    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Purchased replacement cushions for my JVC HA-RX700 from our Chinese brothers. Have been running them for 5 years or so. For the 30 quid these headphones cost, pretty happy with them :)
  2. lZKoce

    Intel Core i9-10900K der8auer De-Lidding Reveals Accurate Die-Size Measurements

    Nice short article. I have iGPU on my i5, but never used it. There is this option in the MB BIOS: iGPU Multi-Monitor, but it is disabled. I suppose what it does, but haven't tried it. I guess I could tie up my second monitor, so that it doesn't takes resources from the main GPU, but how this...
  3. lZKoce

    Minecraft Hits 200 Million Copies Sold On 11th Anniversary

    Wow 200 mil copies...I guess to each his own as they say. Never understood the appeal of this game to the people. Always looked so boring to me, there are no titans and guns and legends, and guns and finishing moves and guns...oh wait did I miss the gun-part? :D
  4. lZKoce

    Possible Viber Scam? [help needed]

    To be honest I was curious for the new one. I was giving it a chance for a week or so. It is chromium based. It's basically a Chrome with a Microsoft skin, I wouldn't call it Internet Explorer anymore. @R-T-B I think it's the first option. I don't see anything installed on the PC and payment...
  5. lZKoce

    Possible Viber Scam? [help needed]

    Hi all, I have a recent event [like 30 mins ago] which is bothering me and I wanted to check it out with you. So my wife wanted to install Viber on my rig and in a hurry she clicked the first link possible link after using the string "Viber download". This link charged her 3 EUR and when she...
  6. lZKoce

    What is the absolute best gpu to pair with my CPU (i5 3570) before i get major bottlenecks?

    Just grab an used Vega 56 and plow through :) On a side note, 10GB is a very odd RAM quantity. I see your PSU is 750W, so it should comfortably handle the Vega.
  7. lZKoce

    Asetek Unveils Rad Card Industry's First Slot-In PCIe Radiator Card

    I dig the aesthetics. But it may actually be pretty cool, no pun intended :). @ppn makes sense, but my first thought is weight. I mean how much you can strap on that GPU's PCB? Radiator, pump, separate VRM cooling, actual fan, etc, etc. Gonna be a pretty hefty load on that four screws.
  8. lZKoce

    Subsystems IDs mismatch error

    I thought MSI airboost is only "flashable to 64" if Samsung memory is present, but I could be wrong. You have the Hynix version, so I am not sure successful flash is an option.
  9. lZKoce

    Zeal-All Releases LGA1151 Motherboard with Integrated GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

    I saw this on Linus a few days ago. He played it with it quite a bit, so I know what this things is now :)
  10. lZKoce

    SteelSeries Introduces New Limited-Edition CS:GO Neon Rider Collection

    If SS rep is lurking around this press release....bring KINZU in Wireless form, dude. You won't regret it.
  11. lZKoce

    Disable BD PROCHOT

    I have the same laptop as a spare. Never heard of BD Prochot...off to the search engine. I will keep an eye on this one.
  12. lZKoce

    HP Updates OMEN Desktops, Gaming Displays, and Command Center

    I am not a fan of "Omen" branding, but I like what they have here for mass use. Simple, but working white led light on the top and front. Is the GPU proprietary? I don't recognize the shape of the card.
  13. lZKoce

    Looking for a narrow midi tower.

    When you @cookiemonster say "narrower" I am thinking Cooler Master Elite 630/ 631, but those are discontinued. Or Daotech M011 , or Bellum X10 , but those are hard to find in EU. All of these fit standard ATX mother board, standard ATX PSU, but for GPU you need to be careful.
  14. lZKoce

    PC Build

    Hi, I have somewhat similar config. Don't buy 500W. You may change your mind and snatch a second hand Vega 56 along the way, and in total 500W might seem enough, but please please check the 12V rails. On my previous PSU the 12V couldn't power the GPU properly. I would say have some head room on...
  15. lZKoce

    Intel's First 7nm Client Microarchitecture is "Meteor Lake"

    SuperNova EVGA PSU....NZXT Panzerbox Case....Meteor Lake CPU...that marketing is working really well for these guys :)