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    Crucial MX100 256 GB

    Thanks for the review. After seeing the numbers and price I ordered 2 to run in RAID 0 to replace my aging OCZ Agility 3. At the same time that purchase made me a little sad. That was my first computer purchase in nearly a year. The entire community is so stagnated that I have been fine...
  2. Major_A

    Need Help Choosing New Motherboard

    Every review I read about the MPower and Gaming series all came to the same conclusions. Good hardware, terrible software (BIOS). Who knows, maybe MSI fixed the BIOS issues. My vote between MSI and ASUS will come to the same conclusion about 90% of the time. Go with the ASUS.
  3. Major_A

    Damaged Haswell Box. Should I return it?

    The plastic clamshell that holds the CPU is pretty sturdy so I'd say don't worry about it. Especially considering that the CPU is pinless.
  4. Major_A

    Scythe Mugen 4

    I still have the scars to prove that installing a Scythe Mugen (1) is a "B". I saw the review title and immediately thought to myself no more Mugens.
  5. Major_A

    GIGABYTE Force K7 Gaming Keyboard

    Yeah, you have the wrong Pros and Cons listed for the keyboard.
  6. Major_A

    EUROCOM Unveils Panther 5SE Mobile Server with Lesser Weight

    Jeez... What does this thing weigh, 20 lbs/9 kg?
  7. Major_A

    MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX (Intel LGA 1150)

    Love the honesty. But, if you want to be taken more seriously by MSI you might want to consider "This board sucks" to something a little more mature. Thanks for the review, I was liking the new MSI boards until I saw this review and another one about a week ago complaining about the same exact...
  8. Major_A

    NZXT H630

    I like this trend but I wish they would make it 3 or 4. Next build I'm going to run an SSD as the primary/OS drive. Then the plan for space is to run 3 or 4 Seagate Momentus XT drives in RAID 0. I would really like to be able to mount all the "laptop" drives behind the tray and then just...
  9. Major_A

    Intel Haswell i5-4670K vs. i7-4770K Comparison

    Minor nitpick... RE: Page 2 In America we put the $ sign before the amount, i.e. $243 and $350. I say this cause I assume you pulled the info from Intel's website. Other than that I always like articles like this. It shows you that for an extra $107 you don't get that much more...
  10. Major_A

    Rosewill Galaxy Series Gaming Cases Launched

    All hideous. And then two of them have 1 front USB 3.0 port (lazy). The icing on the cake here is red highlights on the case with blue LED fans. Needless to say, I'll pass.
  11. Major_A

    Antec High Current Gamer Modular 850 W

    I like that they give you the option to turn off the LEDs. I know some people think the more the merrier. I am of the mindset that any number of LEDs over 0 is too many. When I build my own machines I don't even hook up the case power LED or HDD activity LED.
  12. Major_A

    Corsair Carbide Air 540

    If I had the room to store the case I'd buy it. As of right now my mid tower sits under the desk and there isn't much room with it. :ohwell:
  13. Major_A

    GPU-Z v0.7.1 Potential Issue

    Problem still persists in v0.7.2. Is this not the correct place to post issues?
  14. Major_A

    EVGA's GeForce GTX 760 Lineup Detailed

    Two words: market saturation. The more of a product you have in the retail space the more likely that someone will end up choosing one of your products.
  15. Major_A

    Kingston HyperX Beast Black 16 GB 2133 C11 (2x8 GB)

    You must be a fisherman. Cause if you have the patience to overclock RAM then you must have a ton of it. Thanks for the review.