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  1. Mistral

    Microsoft to Reportedly Use AMD Silicon on Its Next Gen Surface Devices

    I true I might upgrade from my Book 1... Wonder which generation of chips it'll use.
  2. Mistral

    PC Teaser Trailer Released for Detroit: Become Human

    I wanted this really badly, until I saw EGS... I guess I can wait some more.
  3. Mistral

    Borderlands 3 Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    Damn, this looks like a horribly unoptimized mess of a port...
  4. Mistral

    GIGABYTE Announces AORUS CV27Q Gaming Monitor with Black Equalizer 2.0

    Very nice. If we could only have a pure-performance version without the useless features, it would be great. Drop the curve too while you are at it. Seriously, I hope Gigabyte does some user studies on who actually turns off "Black Equalizer ", "Aim Stabilizer " and "GameAssist" and comes to...
  5. Mistral

    LG Unveils First OLED TVs with NVIDIA G-SYNC Support

    Got to admit, nVidia wedging their branding everywhere is getting more and more tiresome. At least Samsung hasn't folded... yet...
  6. Mistral

    VESA Updates DisplayHDR Standard with Tighter Specifications and New DisplayHDR 1400 Performance Level

    I'm not spending hours each day staring directly into the big ball in the sky, that would be weird...
  7. Mistral

    Acer Announces Nitro XV3 Line of PC Gaming Monitors

    So this is essentially a FreeSync display with a very fast IPS panel...
  8. Mistral

    Control Benchmark Test & RTX Performance Analysis

    May I suggest you add the "RTX ON" data to the performance chart? Otherwise some readers will simply assume nVidia can pull out those numbers with the ray-tracing effects enabled.
  9. Mistral

    VESA Updates DisplayHDR Standard with Tighter Specifications and New DisplayHDR 1400 Performance Level

    I like my eyeballs non-seared, thank you very much!
  10. Mistral

    AOC Launches the CQ27G1 Monitor: 27" VA, 2560 x 1440, 144Hz, 1 ms, FreeSync for $279

    This looks like a damn solid offering for the price. Hope it's an 8bit panel and not 6+FRC. Though besides the useless speakers and usb, they could've frankly also gotten rid of the curve. But that's probably due to the panel choice.
  11. Mistral

    Yangtze Memory Begins Mass-production of 64-layer 3D NAND Flash Memory

    So, whose tech is that based on? Micron?
  12. Mistral

    Intel Releases Graphics Drivers with Integer Upscaling - Only Available on Ice Lake

    At least you don't need to buy a new motherboard to use it...
  13. Mistral

    Yeston Reveal "CUTE PET" Pink AMD Radeon RX 580 Graphics Card - Straight out of Manga

    "Cute Pet"? Have they actually tested that assertion? Pandas are vicious killers that will maul you down! We'll probably still cute though...
  14. Mistral

    XPG to Unveil World's First 4D Gaming Mouse and New Mera Edition Gaming Gear at IFA Berlin 2019

    Just a wild guess but... is their fourth D... RGB?