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    Microsoft to Reduce its Workforce by 5%, Almost 11,000 Jobs Impacted

    They went up 40K last year
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    EK Launches a 4-in-1 AM5 Socket Delicacy for the SFF Community

    They are making a big deal about how it's super optimized and designed for only one socket, my theory is they don't want to sound incoherent about that whole thing
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    EK Launches a 4-in-1 AM5 Socket Delicacy for the SFF Community

    I think he knows it says AM5 only, but could it easily be hacked to, or even just work as-is with AM4, or with different backplate etc. Sure it's not optimized for it and they might want to advertise it as specifically made for 1 socket, but it might still work with AM4. I wouldn't bet on it...
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    GIGABYTE Shows Off AORUS Gen5 10000 NVMe SSD with a Large Heatsink

    Probably EDSFF drives would be better ie E1.S, E3.S or E3.S 2T for the chongus fast and hungry bois, but yea not coming to consumers, motherboards wanna be cheap. Maybe CXL will save the day :P
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX Beyond CES Liveblog

    DLSS 3 by adding frames averaging them from the frames around it. So the performance claims are bogus, who knows how well it compares in reality.
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    EK Launches a 4-in-1 AM5 Socket Delicacy for the SFF Community

    Oooo this is sexy, but pricey... ouch. Too bad there isn't an AM4 adapter kit or something
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    Intel Reorganises its Graphics Chip Division, Raja Koduri Seemingly Demoted

    Uhhh.... No? Now what you could say with DLSS, at the same image quality Nvidia has much better FPS, though ofc with games that have FSR 2.X that lead is reduced. Same with Ray-tracing. I'll give AMD that they tend to age better due to improvements with drivers over time. AMD is great, but you'd...
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    AMD Ryzen 7000 non-X Processor SKUs Confirmed with 65W TDP, Boxed Coolers

    Sexy 7900 price, hopefully that can also translate to the X3D variant being well priced in their line-up as well.
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    NVIDIA is Ending GameStream Feature for its Shield TV Products

    Damn... That sucks. Has Atmos, Dolby Vision too. Haven't even opened mine yet lmao
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    Displace to Launch Truly Wireless TV Powered by AMD and NVIDIA at CES 2023

    Huh, not for everybody but appreciate the innovation and letting the rich pay for the R&D for this kind of stuff XD I've always liked the idea of the base station separate from the display, easier to manage heat, theoretically base station upgradeable and panel can be re-used and vice-versa...
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    Intel NUC 13 Extreme Sets New Standard for Mini PC Gaming Performance

    I mean the normal NUC hasn't disappeared, the fact they are still doing compute cards is pretty cool!
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    Verizon and Razer Unveil Razer Edge 5G—the Ultimate 5G Handheld Gaming Device

    Is there even any benefit compared to 8+ Gen 1? Says 3GHz, 8+ Gen 1 can do up to 3.2
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    Microsoft Updates Surface PC Models with the Latest Hardware

    LOL try 200$ :cry:
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    Intel Kills Celeron and Pentium Branding with new "Intel Processor" Naming Scheme

    This only applies to mobile Celeron and Pentium, not the Core i series. I haven an AMD processor/CPU, or Ryzen 7, or Ryzen 5800x or AMD 5800x etc makes it more accessible to the masses. Most won't know the model of their CPU, maybe the brand, maybe the position of the stack, maybe then gen (12th...