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    j5create Teams Up with Intel to Develop the Next Generation USB4 Peripherals

    Understanding how to do my taxes is simpler than understanding USB versions, who comes up with this and concludes that it makes sense?
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    AMD Readying 16-core "Zen 4" CCDs Exclusively for the Client Segment with an Answer to Intel E-cores?

    I wonder how well AMD evolved efficiency-wise, how would a 5800x fare against the 1700 with the same power usage?
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    Razer and Fossil Introduce the Razer X Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch for Gamers

    Because looking away from the screen that has the time and your game to look at your wrist is so gaming?
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    Club 3D Announces USB Gen 2 Type-C Triple Display Smart PD Charging Dock

    Awesome, just what I was looking for! A cool product from Club 3D is their DP 1.4 to HDMI 2.1 adapter, this let me use my Razer Blade 15's Mini-DP to get 4K 120Hz HDR 10 bit on my LG CX. Model CAC-1085 for DP or CAC-1186 for Mini-DP
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    be quiet! Announces Light Wings ARGB Fans

    I hope bq! continues with the focus on high quality products and that the LED is just to gain a bit of marketshare
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    NZXT Announces BLD PC Building Kits

    Nice concept, hopefully no fire risk because you know NZXT will eff up if there is one. With all the new gamers and computer enthusiasts, this is great
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    Arctic MX-5 is here boys!!!!! Tests incoming!!!

    WD40 does also makes a "dry lube" PTFE spray now, works great for cleaning and lubing inside key holes that is a common problem here because of weather and such
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    Gigabyte Previews New Aorus Gaming Chair

    I can see this being useful in a dorm, question is, will the price be cheap enough?
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    Fairphone 4 Gets Faster Processor, Larger Screen and 5G, Loses 3.5 mm Jack

    Not sure OLED would have been the best choice for something that is supposed to last 6 years of daily use. No 3.5mm is baffling if you're that into sustainability, no Wifi 6 is as well, I'd even expect 6E
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    ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 With Noctua Cooling Appears

    I was expecting something a little more premium looking, a bit more effort ya know? But was also expecting it to be above Strix in price. If I had @Psychoholic's build I would have bought it lol, my build is bequiet! themed :P
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    KIOXIA CD7 Series PCIe 5.0 SSDs Belt Out 14 GBps Sequential Transfers

    2.5" form factor, essentially a big heatsink, and in the servers they are meant for there's a ton of airflow.
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    Microsoft Takes a Leaf out of Acer's Book with the Surface Laptop Studio

    Hopefully opening it up is easy, my Surface Laptop 2 only opens destructively, ripping the Alcantara essentially
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    Microsoft Takes a Leaf out of Acer's Book with the Surface Laptop Studio

    Surface Laptop Studio, geared towards creators who film and upload their videos in 144p! Microsoft copied Apple with the we'll offer a base price one with a comically small drive, make it soldered, charge 6x the price for the larger models... except they do it worse. I'm surprised the base model...
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    EVGA X570 DARK Motherboard Formally Launched

    Yep, having only 2 DIMM slots absolutely will help with RAM speeds. Also, up until now X570s would do much worse than B550 since BCLK OC only works on B550, but with the newer X570 boards, and specifically this 2 DIMM board, it makes a huge change. Some used the ITX x570 boards to get the 2DIMMs...