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    Sony Closely Associated with AMD "Navi" Development

    You would struggle to, in my honest opinion, particularly if you were aiming to buy all new components for warranty purposes. I believe you under estimate how powerful the console refreshes (XOX/PS4P) are. Say XOX GPU is most similar to a RX580; that GPU alone is $450AU. So building a computer...
  2. Naito

    Sony Closely Associated with AMD "Navi" Development

    It's the budget I'm getting at - a console puts out very respectable performance for a rather small investment. Can't speak for the PS4, but most Xbox One X games have different performance modes. The 1080p modes are very, very good quality and you won't get that from a similarly priced PC...
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    Sony Closely Associated with AMD "Navi" Development

    That is true, but you can't compare them to a $150 GPU as consoles often employ various tricks and techniques to provide a higher level of fidelity and when gaming at two, three or more meters from a TV, you probably wouldn't notice as much difference while engrossed by the game. And sure, if...
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    Sony Closely Associated with AMD "Navi" Development

    On-going service cost are definitely something to consider, but really not a huge cost. Look at it this way; I spend $65AU a year on a XBL subscription. Some quick maths and that comes to $650 over 10 years. That would barely buy an i5-8500, a decent MB and 16GB of RAM, let alone everything else...
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    Sony Closely Associated with AMD "Navi" Development

    He has a point though. For the cost of roughly what you'd for an upper mid-range GPU you'll get an entire system capable of running up to 4K. A system that is pretty guaranteed to run any game released on the platform. And with the way they're going with the architecture (like we've seen with...
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    Sony Closely Associated with AMD "Navi" Development

    Im kind of more interested in what CPU architecture they're going to be using. Going from Jaguar to Zen should help boost things considerably. Not too much to hope for Zen+? Maybe even Zen 2? Perhaps being only 2/3 years out means it's already locked in and they've settled with first gen Zen...
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    Google, ARM, Microsoft Issue Statements Regarding Discovered Security Flaws

    Seems like the patch for Windows 10 is rolling out. All previous builds are getting it too. See last dot point here.
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    Microsoft Won't be Profiting from the Xbox One X's $499 Price Point

    I highly doubt that you could build a PC, using brand new parts, that will compete with the Xbox One X for that price. Custom Polaris chips with hardware implementation of DX12 features. 12GB GDDR5 RAM. Add on top of that the extremely low-level tricks game developers can use to squeeze every...
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    Microsoft Won't be Profiting from the Xbox One X's $499 Price Point

    In relative terms it is. The GTX 1080 released at what, $500-600? And that's a card that won't even gaurantee you a solid 4K at 60fps. Add on that the need to buy a CPU, motherboard, RAM, etc, it'll cost you plenty more. Granted that a PC is more versatile, but if you only cared for media...
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    Microsoft Won't be Profiting from the Xbox One X's $499 Price Point

    I'm not sure why there is so much whining over the price. It's only $500 and you get a box that you can plug in and run games up to 4K/60fps and plays 4K Bluray. That's a ridiculous amount of grunt and functionality for little money. A gaming computer with the same capability would probably set...
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    Microsoft Issues Another Windows XP Patch, Despite Lack of Support

    May as well do Windows 3.1 while they're at it too...
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    Intel Formally Announces the Core i7 and Core i9 X Series Processors

    To be fair, AMD doesn't even offer that at such a price point. But, I do agree that it is a deplorable tactic on Intel's behalf.
  13. Naito

    Intel pulling all the stops? 18-core X-series CPU coming?

    More info here. Press release product information here: Intel Core X-series processor family.
  14. Naito

    The Slumbering Giant Wakes: Intel to Introduce 18-core X-Series Processors?

    Intel has announced the 18-core behemoth. Read here. Relevant PDFs can be found linked to the article.
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    Do you remember your most disappointing video card ever?

    I had an AGP version of that card. That was my first and last ATI/AMD GPU. It got very hot - particularly the AGP bridge chip, it was noisy, the drivers were buggy and to top it off, it was slower than the 6600GT it replaced in quite a few titles. It ended up artifacting to the max, possibly due...