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    MSI 6800 XT Gaming X Trio: not a good buy

    Many times I've never upgraded my Nvidia driver for a new game and I saw good performance with no issues. New drivers doesn't always mean you're getting good/improved performance for a new game that's coming out. Always upgrading your driver isn't necessarily a good thing, either. If it isn't...
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    As if Things Weren't Bad Enough, China is Now Experiencing Power Shortages

    Gasoline made a crazy jump in price, too. I thought it was nice to see gas was under $3.00 a few days ago. I didn't need to fill up my car, I had just done so the day or two before and the price at the station I went to that day was $2.99. A couple of days later I noticed gas by my work was at...
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    TPU needs negative reacts

    Just do the mature thing, ignore them. Literally, put the people on ignore that cause you issues - whatever they may be. I have a handful of people that I've put on ignore simply because they toss out a lot of trolling type responses to people and don't contribute to the conversation. Not all of...
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    Dutch and Portuguese Shops Leak AMD Radeon RX 6600 Pricing

    Damn. I think that's about all I have to say about this.....
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    As if Things Weren't Bad Enough, China is Now Experiencing Power Shortages

    Government mandated rolling blackouts.....huh. I'd say this was interesting, but then again, things people do these days surprise me less and less.
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    NVIDIA RTX 30 SUPER Series Specifications Rumored

    A 3060 and 3060Ti has around a 25-30% performance difference between the two. I'd like to think that if a 3060 Super came out, it would fall right in the middle of those two cards, but it's hard to speculate just going off of leaked info to know exactly where these cards will sit or if they'll...
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    MSI 6800 XT Gaming X Trio: not a good buy

    My brother runs his 5700XT without issues. When he first got it it took a couple of drivers to find a working one without any issues. I've had similar issues with Nvidia before, new card and find there's an issues with the latest driver, so I go back one or two drivers and no longer have any...
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    [TechSpot] China declares all cryptocurrency transactions illegal, Bitcoin price plummets

    I guess folks like me, that have no interest in taking part in crypto (yet I can't say I'm against it or for it, either), to see how things continue to turn out. Interesting to see China on the frontline of this, but then again, they either have some underlying agenda or just hate what they...
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    Mechanical keyboards are overrated

    I never used a mechanical keyboard to any real extent, but I do remember the guy that thought he was so cool at the tech support job I used to work at. He brought in one of those old IBM keyboards and it was loud as hell as he typed. It became so irritating to everyone around him that management...
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    MSI 6800 XT Gaming X Trio: not a good buy

    You got a new card and things worked good for a while. Once things started to go bonkers you blame the card....that just sounds odd. I'd strongly suggest doing some proper troubleshooting before instantly laying blame on a dGPU that has zero impact on the system's need to read/write data to...
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    NVIDIA RTX 30 SUPER Series Specifications Rumored

    I feel your pain. I just wanted something, just in case the 980Ti I had decided to quit on me, so I put my name for 3070s, 3080s (end of December because I didn't even know that EVGA had a queue system going for cards until then) and the 3060s when they launched. The 3070 and 3080 queues just...
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    ADATA XPG Unveils CRUISER Super Mid-Tower Chassis

    I miss the days of no RGB. I wonder if you requested non-RGB if they'd charge you more.
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    Is the New Old Already? Far Cry 6 Raytracing Exclusive to PC Version, PS5 and Xbox Series Left Out

    Nvidia Boss: Guys, we have ray tracing coming out but it just annihilates the fps....we need to find a way to fix it. Those tensor cores look pathetic and a waste of space. We need to find a way to correct this blunder! <some months later> Nvidia peons: Boss! We figured it out! Down sample the...
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    AMD Radeon RX 6600 Reviews Set to Release October 13th

    Hopefully this doesn't come out at a $300 price point - that would be pretty crappy. Maybe can still some thunder from Nvidia if they come within spitting distance of the RTX 3060 and have it priced at $249 (hopefully more like $219). My guess is, $329 - like the RTX 3060 and performance will...
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    DRAM Prices Projected to Decline by 3-8% QoQ in 4Q21 Due to Rising Level of Client Inventory, Says TrendForce

    DRAM prices to increase in price due to rare earth metal prices rising. DRAM prices to decrease due to improved client inventory. DRAM prices to increase due to high demand. DRAM prices to decrease because the full moon happened yesterday. DRAM prices to increase because peanut butter prices...