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    Memory Benchmarks, PassMark and MaxxMem, Not bad?

    Just FYI, you cant compare performance to generic tests for other kits unless they also are running 4.7 GHZ cpu speed, as Intels CPU speed massively affects memory performance due to cache leveling. (Cache runs on same multiplier as the CPU) Also a suggestion for another memory benchmark...
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    Small box in Bottom Right Corner of screen, only in TPU??

    you use print screen for print screen :) On a laptop it might be prntscrn windows 7 also has a built in screen capture utility so you do not even need to open paint :)
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    Stallman slams Ubuntu

    Does anyone still use ubuntu? Last time I tried it it was so slow and bloated I spent more time Downloading and installing it then I did running it.
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    SILVERSTONE ST45SF-G 450W enough for my build?

    I would never suggest that, I would use a 5 year old desktop before a laptop for gaming. But that is me. (I really cant understand the tablet/smartphone market either). Whats a decent gaming card cost for upgrade? $100 bucks new, maybe less used? At 1080P anyway. Look at Xbox :) Yes your...
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    SILVERSTONE ST45SF-G 450W enough for my build?

    MORE THAN handles. Most people love over buying wattage, what they forget is the efficiency curve. PSUS are most efficient from 50-80% load. Which is where you should be when loaded. If you intend to run OCCT PSU killer test, then no. But that is unreal example of PC Usage. I game, my...
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    Cloned HDD wont boot

    Okay two things you need to do. First of all depending on your cloning software you should disable pagefile and hibernation file before attempting to clone, these two files are very large, and more importantly take longer than normal files to copy as they are seen as contiguous. (Same thing...
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    How do i get true dolby digital or dts5.1 through hdmi on pc?

    I believe AC3 is what you are looking for. Bitstream I believe is LCPM which is supported only on high end devices and only necesary for Blu-Ray. I use AC3 in FFDshow and get dolby and DTS audio passthrough on my IGPs to my receiver (It supports both) for the last few years. I am currently...
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    AMD Vishera Packs Quad-Channel DDR3 IMC, G34 En Route Desktop?

    Interesting. Although having used mediaespresso 6.5 telling it not to use AVX/Quicksync, is not the same thing as not using it. The fact that IB and SB scored identically is a dead giveaway that AVX was in fact being used.
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    Toshiba Asks: What Would You Do Without NAND Flash Technology?

    Probably NOR and pay more
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    How would you setup the page file on this system?

    I set 256-256 or 512-512 on C: drive over the last 5 years and never had any issues. Any program that NEEDS a pagefile now tends to make its own swap/scratch/temp file. Unless you have a habit of running old programs it wont cause any issues whatsoever. Some games might go past the 4GB of...
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    Broadcom Unveils World's Highest Density 100GbE Switch Solution

    Still waiting on truly affordable 1 GbE to the house.
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    A Crate at TechPowerUp's Doorstep

    Love the PR packaging. Thats awesome. nVidia marketing guys are genius :)
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    Motherboard issues need answer asap!

    You have both PCIE power plugs inserted in the card? Barring power issues the only answer I can see is an incompatability with the newer PCIE2.0 card (which should not be a problem honestly).
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    13 years of AMD loyalty being questioned

    LOL I meant version, but thank you for the correction :)