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  1. Nick [D]vB

    Imagination Ships Caustic Series2 R2500 and R2100 Ray Tracing Accelerators

    Would be nice if they made a come-back to the consumer gaming market, I miss my Kyro II :) Maybe just a bit of history repeating... http://www.anandtech.com/show/735/6
  2. Nick [D]vB

    Warm Tek Displays a Refreshing New Heatsink Design

    Turbulence might be a problem, no clear flow path for the fan output, looks cool though... :cool:
  3. Nick [D]vB

    Warm Tek Also Shows off "Pangolin" Heatsink Design Concept

    Zalman did a sink like this about 10 years ago. They worked pretty well with small fan's in push-pull on either side. ...
  4. Nick [D]vB

    NVIDIA Introduces First Virtualized GPU, Accelerating Graphics for Cloud Computing

    We might be playing Unreal engine 5 games on a tablet in a few years... http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/27186-nvidia-promise-impressive-things-with-geforce-grid http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/27298-onlive-to-do-a-deal-with-sony? :)
  5. Nick [D]vB

    NVIDIA Introduces First Virtualized GPU, Accelerating Graphics for Cloud Computing

    It would be cool if a game studio like EPIC or Crytek could use this for a service like Onlive but using their next-generation engines, with graphics way beyond what could be done in real-time even on a current high-end gaming rig. These same games could then be released a few years later to...
  6. Nick [D]vB

    FSP Launches Aurum PRO Series PSUs

    They were, Fortron's OEM supplies were some of the best built units you could get. Shame they feel the need to waste money pimping them up for the retail market...
  7. Nick [D]vB

    EVGA Develops Sleeved PCI-E Cable Adapters for Select Graphics Cards

    OMG! There like cables, but sleeved! Why isn't this trending on twitter? :rolleyes:
  8. Nick [D]vB

    Connect Pritect to Protect Kinect

    Does it come with a free tin-foil hat... :laugh:
  9. Nick [D]vB

    TRENDNet Intros TU-S9 USB to Serial Converter

    You might be able to get it working in Win7 using a PPjoy adapter or a GlovePie plugin? http://ppjoy.blogspot.com/2009/11/finally-new-version.html (Win 7 64bit) http://ppjoy.bossstation.dnsalias.org/ (cables) https://sites.google.com/site/carlkenner/glovepie Would be a lot of work though.
  10. Nick [D]vB

    TRENDNet Intros TU-S9 USB to Serial Converter

    FTDI still make the best adapters, in terms of compatibility, flexibility and driver support.
  11. Nick [D]vB

    NVIDIA Delivers the GeForce 290.53 Beta Driver

    ... and only on a Tuesday, if your name if Bob and the wind is blowing in the right direction. :laugh:
  12. Nick [D]vB

    HyperSLI (Enabling SLI on non-sli motherboards)

    Use this tool to disable test mode: http://www.ngohq.com/home.php?page=dseo
  13. Nick [D]vB

    HyperSLI (Enabling SLI on non-sli motherboards)

    You need an SLI bridge with that setup, it will make a big difference.
  14. Nick [D]vB

    HyperSLI (Enabling SLI on non-sli motherboards)

    I just tested 0.6 and it is working great on my AMD system: Phenom II 965 AMD 770 x2 9800GT Win7 x64 SP1 285.38 Beta (not patched) All 3Dmark06 tests finished ok, and 10+ loops of the Crysis benchmark, windows seems stable so far. HyperSLI control panel looks interesting, but this...
  15. Nick [D]vB

    ASRock Announces Wide-Ranged Support for AMD FX Processors

    I'd still take an Asrock board over an ECS (PCchips) or Biostar board, but they should have stuck to their roots intead or sticking bling heatsink junk to their boards and trying to become a "premium" brand...