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  1. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK] CPU and motherboard bundle, plus GPU

    Are you still looking for a gpu? I have an ASUS 7970 3GB DC2 TOP that I will sell for £135 including postage.
  2. Nick259

    [FS/FT] UK - d1nkys tear down

    7950 and SSD recieved. This man knows how to package items well i'll have you all know :) Working flawlessly so far. Cheers for the speedy delivery. I will leave you some feedback. EDIT: Feedback server is down atm? I will leave some later.
  3. Nick259

    [FS/FT] UK - d1nkys tear down

    Hey dinky, i'd like to put in an offer of £200 including postage for the 7950 and SSD. Could also be interested in the monitor if it's really cheap :P
  4. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK] DVD RW Drive

    Hey all, looking for a cheap DVD drive to put in a media PC. Does anybody have anything? :toast:
  5. Nick259

    Which Mobile phone can produce best music quality?

    If you're talking about the integrated speakers then there's no way they will ever be as good as a set of PC speakers. They are too small to have any sort of real bass impact and their design is different. As for the audio processing equipment, some can be very decent. For instance the iphone 4...
  6. Nick259

    MSI GeForce GTX 650Ti OC=£99.98

    Make sure you're looking at the GTX 650 Ti non 'boost' version review. The 'boost' version was released just last week and it's a fair bit better. This version seems to be somewhere between the AMD 7770 and the 7850. Could be worth it if you want the in game credit right enough.
  7. Nick259

    [FS] [UK] Bioshock Infinite, FC3, Crysis3, Shogun 2 & Dirt Showdown (codes)

    That's a very fair price but I will leave it sorry. I have exams soon so I shouldn't be playing games anyway!
  8. Nick259

    [FS] [UK] Bioshock Infinite, FC3, Crysis3, Shogun 2 & Dirt Showdown (codes)

    Can offer a tenner for Crysis 3 if that's any good?
  9. Nick259

    Giveaway: Crysis 3

    I'm in! I'd call myself Mayan, in hour of the late Aztec who tragically died in a parachuting accident above the lingshan islands. RIP :P Very generous of you to host this. Thanks :)
  10. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK]Ipod Nano 2nd Gen 8GB

    Looking specifically for an 8GB 2nd Gen Ipod nano, does anybody have one kicking about?
  11. Nick259

    Black Screen after minor overclocking

    If your motherboard doens't have a CMOS reset switch you can just take out the cmos battery (small circular battery on the motherboard) for about 5-10 mins and it will reset everything.
  12. Nick259

    Power supply rails, are these voltage readings ok?

    I am a bit of a noob (despite the fact I can solder!) when it comes to these things but I would have thought that the -12v reading would be closer to -12v or slightly over -12v as the +12v reading is. Same with the -5v. And why can't all the components use +12v?
  13. Nick259

    Power supply rails, are these voltage readings ok?

    Even the -12v and -5v readings? Can somebody explain the significance of these rails?
  14. Nick259

    Power supply rails, are these voltage readings ok?

    I have an old x connect 500w power supply from 2004 that had a bulging capacitor so I changed it. I forgot to take before and after readings but do these voltages seem right? Taken with a cheap multimeter but given the age of the PSU there's no point in getting a better one just to test it...