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  1. OneCool

    AMD Radeon RX 5500 (OEM) Tested, Almost As Fast as RX 580

    I hope AMDs drivers are ready for that!! :roll:
  2. OneCool

    NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 Super Chips Come in Three Variants Each. Flashing Possible?

    A 2060s to a 2080s would be sweet :pimp:
  3. OneCool

    AMD Releases Radeon Adrenalin Edition 19.3.1 Beta Drivers - Ready for DmC 5

    Tested on a Intel setup!! Even amd doesn't use amd :laugh:
  4. OneCool

    Ryzen 3000 listed online early on russian site.

    3700X looks nice :toast:
  5. OneCool

    NVIDIA Presents the TITAN RTX 24GB Graphics Card at $2,499

    Finally!!! I need too sli 2 of these so I can play Q-Bert @ 480i!!!
  6. OneCool

    Snail Mail Malware: Chinese Hackers Go Old School

    I don't think I would call that " can't keep a good hacker down". More like absolute desperation really. I say let's make our own and label them windows 11 beta and send them back.
  7. OneCool

    Monster Hunter World PC Performance Estimates Pop Up; GeForce GTX 1080 Insufficient for 60 FPS WQHD

    Pffff!!! Please....my 380X will eat this games ass!!!!!:pimp:
  8. OneCool

    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Rears Its Head On Geekbench

    So now geekbench has a STD now!!
  9. OneCool

    Intel Considers Buying Out Broadcom

    Not if I buy them first!! Ha Ha bitches!!!!!
  10. OneCool

    Despite Disinterest in AMD Products, Dell Launches Ryzen-Powered Laptops

    Off topic but why are they still putting usb 2.0 ports on computers? Wtf the point?
  11. OneCool

    Deepcool Launches MF 120 Aluminum Frameless Smart RGB Fan Set

    Now our case fans need WiFi!:pimp:
  12. OneCool

    Thermaltake Intros Versa J21 Tempered Glass Edition Case

    Looks like the power wires are pressing down on it! Wow!!
  13. OneCool

    NVIDIA's Latest Titan V GPU Benchmarked, Shows Impressive Performance

    I'm going to mine with the 4 I'm buying. :D:D :peace: