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    Facebook Will Trial Showing Ads in Oculus Quest Games

    I just got a Quest 2 after debating and concluding that the Facebook account was tolerable. Screw this!
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    Intel Core i9-11900K

    The price is different too. Maybe the reviewer was just lazy. It's not a lot but that 8% is a significant difference in light of TPU's own review.
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    Intel Core i9-11900K

    I don't understand. Why is the 11900K, an 8-core with massive IPC improvements, perfectly tied with it's 10-core predecessor in gaming? I'd think the 11900K should be a clear winner.
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    Chinese Tianshu Zhixin Announces Big Island GPGPU on 7 nm, 24 billion Transistors

    I thought China wasn't supposed to have such an advanced process.
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    AMD Applies for CPU Design Patent Featuring Core-Integrated FPGA Elements

    They do yes. An FPGA implementation will always be slower and take more die space than dedicated hardware. However, if there is more than one accelerator present and only one is used at a time then an FPGA implementation can emulate both while taking up less space. Further an FPGA solution is...
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    1950X Threadripper throttling at 68 C

    I know that mine didn't used to do this, that's why I'm here.
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    1950X Threadripper throttling at 68 C

    I have an AMD 1950X Threadripper CPU that for some reason seems to be thermal throttling at only 68 degrees C (according to Core Temp and other utilities). I don't know when this started but I know it didn't used to do this. I've tried older BIOS and older chipset drivers from AMD to no effect...
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    NVIDIA Launches CloudXR 1.0 SDK for VR & AR Streaming

    Considering how significant the latency with ordinary cloud gaming is I doubt cloud VR would be usable.
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    Halo 2: Anniversary Now Available in The Master Chief Collection for PC

    Playing it now, wow it's beautiful!
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    GALAX Intros GeForce RTX 2070 Super EX Pink Edition

    Neat, but why does this have so many comments?
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    Weird PCIe power connectors

    Thanks guys! I'll tell him not to worry.
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    Weird PCIe power connectors

    A friend of mine is building a PC and ran into a weird problem with attaching the PSUs PCIe power connectors to his graphics card. They don't match They're not for the 12V CPU power either, they have the 6/8 split like a PCIe plug. At first I thought it was a goof at the factory, but he...
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    MATLAB MKL Codepath Tweak Boosts AMD Ryzen MKL Performance Significantly

    Wait, really? Matrices are one of (if not THE) fundamental data types in MATLAB and parallel operations are the norm. I'm surprised Octave isn't similarly optimized for them, though that would be typical of GNU's software.
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    MATLAB MKL Codepath Tweak Boosts AMD Ryzen MKL Performance Significantly

    I'm pretty sure HIP is dead.
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    Intel Announces New GPU Architecture and oneAPI for Unified Software Stack at SC19

    OpenCL already does this, including unusual hardware like FPGAs. And AMD has been championing Hetrogeneous System Architecture for years.