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    winblows 10 questions

    +1 for start 10
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    3rd gen Ryzen processors

    I can state about my own msi b550 tomahawk it has 2 nvme slots, bios flash back. Good vrm’s, techspot liked it,. Not so many usb ports 6 or 8. And the flash back works quite well. I have used it.
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    You want a junk power supply; head over to guru3d and look at the ps forum. They list the junk ps to stay away from.
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    Nothing wrong with evga. If you read about every psu there was you wouldn’t be buying a ps from anyone. 600 w would be absolutely fine.or 500w
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    what is going on with my L3 Cache speed 46GB/s instead of over 650GB/s (5800X)

    on w11 and i don't know what to thank of AIDA64.last night my L3 cache was ~660 today going to put aida 64 in the toilet.
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    Intel's Attempts at Acquiring SiFive Fail to Deliver, Company Now Seeks IPO

    Well money can’t by everything since intel didn’t offer enough. What nads
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    Windows 11 General Discussion

    In the state’s MS believes everyone leaves on the west coast. 2-3 hr difference
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    Windows 11 Performance Issues on Ryzen Fixed by Updates from Microsoft and AMD

    No bitching. What’s the world coming to. Oh the agony.
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    PBO2 Undervolt Help with 5800x

    Run mine at default and it isn’t loud.
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    Windows 11 General Discussion

    that's the version i downloaded this morning and chipset drivers and every thing "seems" fine. No blue screens err. black screens. palying with pbo at the moment
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    5800x (and other Zen 3 chips) PBO settings/Temperature fix

    W11 with L3 fixes and newest chip set drivers Prefered cores are being used correctly. i have gone in to the bios set pbo to advanced and added 75mhz; 100mhz bombed and restarted system. Core 4 seems to be the worst core i have never getting above 4.6ghz. went into bios and set it to -30 reboot...
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    Windows 11 General Discussion

    L3 cache fixed Preferred cores fix boost clock single thread down 75mhz MT down 600 points What more could I ask for.
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    AMD Curve Optimizer any guides / experience

    dl for my b550 and installed . No problems. Will test
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    AMD, Microsoft Collaborate in Limited Edition, Halo Infinite-Themed RX 6900 XT Graphics Card

    Limited edition cards,what does that mean? A couple to be given out over how many months. Sell your house and car couple of livers.