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    Windows 8 Secure Boot: Designed to Lock Out Linux?

    Shouldn't be an issue, just prioritize your hard drives with the Linux one first if this is the case. If you can't afford a second hard drive, YOU CAN'T AFFORD LINUX!:laugh:
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    AMD FX Processor Prices Lower Than Expected

    Te prices keep lowering down, making our lives cheaper! Say something before your opinion is worthless!!!!!!
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    TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

    Damn, I can't wait to bench again with these new benchmarks.
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    GeForce GTS 450 Gets Listed on US Store, Reference Clock Model Pegged at $129.99

    I wonder how high it would go with both mem and core OC'd at maximum.
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    LaCie Packs An Elephant’s Memory into a MosKeyto

    They should focus now on speed, since there are so many of these port-sized keys now that I might as well just use a MicroSD adapter.
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    Commodore USA Resurrecting C64 Using Modern ULPC Hardware

    Dare them to put Crysis on it...
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    Rambus and NVIDIA Sign Patent License Agreement

    I wonder how far this will affect Nvidia's future product line?
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    Government of India Unveils Sakshat $10 Tablet PC for Students

    India pwns the world.....again.
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    RAZER Pulls Gamers And Fans Alike Into The TRON: LEGACY Universe

    My friend's gonna have an orgasm once he hears about this! :laugh:
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    Poor 64 bit Crysis performance; 32 bit fine

    I seriously think there may be some issues with either your memory or your motherboard, which is why I mentioned updating your BIOS.
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    Poor 64 bit Crysis performance; 32 bit fine

    Probably faulty BIOS? Consider updating your BIOS with the latest one.
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    Microsoft's Next Operating System Getting Drafted

    Do I really need to spend so much in order to get THIS! WTF!