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    Why is my C drive heating up when I'm copying files on my D and E drives?

    Are C: and E: SSD's NVME Drives that share the same (built on to the motherboard) heatsink? That would heat up the nearby drive a little due to dissipating heat from the active drive.
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    What's the primary resolution/refresh rate you're gaming at (2021)?

    3840 X 1600 @ 144hz The panel will do 165hz but my 3080 wont at that resolution :)
  3. Psychoholic

    Leader Board Show your RealBench score

    Gave it a quick run out of curiousity, nothing overclocked.
  4. Psychoholic

    Gigabyte Z490 Master - CPU running too hot need help with Bios.

    ^^ Dark2099's got it.. I Do manual because I prefer just typing in what i want, the only downfall is it constant and doesn't go down on idle. So you would either key in a manual voltage or a negative offset in offset mode (-.07 would bring your 1.32 down to 1.25)
  5. Psychoholic

    Gigabyte Z490 Master - CPU running too hot need help with Bios.

    My 10850K (Gigabyte Z490 Ultra) Was running pretty warm too.. these boards simply give the CPUs too much voltage. Mine at default was 1.32... I'm running it at a manual voltage of 1.216 100% stable @ Stock clocks. Changing mine to normal didnt seem to help, had to manually key it in.
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    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Yeah, it's a little rough, lol Was an open box item from bestbuy :) Luckily the monitor itself was mint.
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    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Christmas came early :) -LG 38GL950G 38" Ultrawide -EVGA 3080 XC3 Ultra
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    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    Yeah, I'm not sure what it does or doesn't do. I do know that my voltage, watts, current and temp under load (cinebench run) seem to be the same as they were with everything at default.
  9. Psychoholic

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    My 3800x Boosts like crazy after changing EDC to "1"
  10. Psychoholic

    Strange Gears 5 performance

    250ish average here on 720P/Low -- Bouncing up to around 300 sometimes. (3800x / 2080 Super)
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    Updated AMD Ryzen 3000 chipset drivers and power profile

    My 3800x boosts to 4.5ghz from time to time.. It's installed in an Aorus X570 Ultra. Here are the best settings that have worked for me: PBO: Disabled (in both places) Any voltage settings in bios set to "normal" and not "auto" Using windows high performance power mode with Processor Min and...
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    The costs of Intel gaming vs AMD gaming, who wins? Actually Intel this round, cheaper and faster.

    Here's what fixed idle voltages and temps for me (May also fix WHEA Errors) -Anything in bios that has an "auto" and "normal" for voltages be sure to set it to normal. -Set Power profile to "high performance" (Not ryzen high performance) and change min and max processor states to 1 and 100...
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    Browser Bechmark scores

    google chrome here.
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    [FundayMonday] Where is your PC placed?

    On the desk since i downsized into a micro atx (crystal 280x)
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    Post your Cinebench R23 Score

    Score: 5287 (was 4999 @ default clocks) 9900k@5ghz Memory @ 3200 C14