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    Cougar Launches the Conquer 2 Full-tower Chassis

    I really like it, but I've always been a fan of really futuristic looking cases like the antec striker. The part I do hate tho is the rgb front, its ugly as, the shapes and everything is awesome but the colors are vomit
  2. qwerty_lesh

    COLORFUL iGame Sigma I300 is a Compact Gaming PC with RTX 2060 Super and 9400F

    I like the look, not as much as the antec striker but its still pretty cool.
  3. qwerty_lesh

    Antec Announces Striker Open Air Chassis

    I really like the look, i think its futuristic like hardware from a movile like oblivion. Surprised its itx, i wonder how an air cooled build would fair given the cfm or lack there of. Youd be wanting a super quiet gpu in this thing though given the flex placement, an asus Direct CU II comes...
  4. qwerty_lesh

    Celebrating 10 years of Innovation, Performance, and Excellence, ORIGIN PC Upgrades the Big O Custom PC

    Digital only onex and ps4pro, what a waste. If it had both opticals for those itd be perfect
  5. qwerty_lesh

    NVIDIA RTX SUPER Lineup Detailed, Pricing Outed

    GPUs marketed at hype beast millenials.. SMH
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    GIGABYTE Intros MZ30-AR0 Motherboard for AMD EPYC

    the 2x 10G MiniGBIC ports are very interesting, I wonder what transmitter compatibility'll be like.
  7. qwerty_lesh

    DeepCool Shows Off its QuadStellar Chassis

    I dont know why i like this so much, but i think it's awesome.
  8. qwerty_lesh

    NZXT Unleashes the H440 Hyper Beast Chassis

    that mobo has no SB HSF, it wouldnt be lasting very long if it were powered on :laugh:
  9. qwerty_lesh

    OCZ Storage Solutions Launches Next Generation ZD-XL SQL Accelerator

    based on my grounded bias from processing their abnormally high warranty rates (for years - as in upto hundreds of ocz consumer grade ssd RMAs per quarter..) prior to them going bust. I dont care who purchased them, the brands tainted.
  10. qwerty_lesh

    Thermaltake Unveils the Core V1 Mini-ITX PC Chassis

    Looks wonderful, feels/madeof terrible. watch my prediction come true.
  11. qwerty_lesh

    OCZ Storage Solutions Launches Next Generation ZD-XL SQL Accelerator

    the idea and usage sounds great. the brand however.. I wouldnt put my data on OCZ storage, even if my job depended on it.. oh wait, it does, hence why I wouldnt trust this as far as i could throw it.
  12. qwerty_lesh

    GIGABYTE Announces the 'BRIX Gaming' DIY PC Kit

    I really like the nvidia theme-y look. this (i7 variant) would make an epic workstation machine. small enough to cart around and fast enough to actually use decent software on. (provided the advertising is factually sound) really would like to know the price, I might need to give our local QFE...
  13. qwerty_lesh

    AMD Catalyst 14.6 Beta Driver Available for Download

    lol me too. I needed a good laugh today :laugh:
  14. qwerty_lesh

    OCZ Announces Partnership with Private Label PC for Distribution in the Americas

    Pre or Post toshiba, I don't care. say hello to corporate suicide PLPC.
  15. qwerty_lesh

    OCZ Filing for Bankruptcy, Announces Offer from Toshiba to Purchase Assets

    LOL. I have been saying for months that they were going to go bust after they got caught playing funny buggers with their earning reports. the ceo's shady past didn't help the cause, nor did spewing forth dozens of terrible ssd line ups. They should have kept their DRAM production going. at...