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    Buying a new unlocked Galaxy S8 - for use on Verizon

    Other fun fact: G959W/F is ever so slightly faster, and thus usually cost more as non-verizon users love them. Plus they are firmware moddable and the qualcomm ones aren't. Basically, Verizon paid to ensure any phone on it's network is a "f@$# you" edition. But as a fellow customer, their...
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    https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/188989-ksp-18-no-analytics-no-game/ Yes...

    https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/188989-ksp-18-no-analytics-no-game/ Yes you can "opt-out." Via IP. Until it changes. Data is still sent though, you just trust them to shred it.
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    Be advised: Kerbal Space Program features telemetry.

    Be advised: Kerbal Space Program features telemetry.
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    Buying a new unlocked Galaxy S8 - for use on Verizon

    No. There are two variants. The USA qualcomm variant, and the "global" non-verizon ready exonyos variant. To make it more confusing for fun, Samsung does have some USA carriers it sells the global variant too, with full warranties. A unlocked USA qualcomm S8 bears part number G950U. The...
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    AMD Announces Integration With Microsoft's Secured-Core PC Initiative

    Not at all. Hijacking a security processor on the other hand, is a very hot topic of discussion. Bios mods are done doing the bios flashing interface available on every motherboard. This is NOT a "security hole." What is disturbing is that they seem to think a simple bios hash will suffice...
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    Corsair RMA experience?

    That's like saying it's only a dumpster, it's not on fire yet.
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    AMD Announces Integration With Microsoft's Secured-Core PC Initiative

    Security "hardware" is a bad joke. I can't think of one place it's ever been helpful, and it often ends up with exploitable security holes that are hard to fix because it's hardware. Also Say bye bye to any and all bios mods as well... #ThanksAMD
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    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 440.97 WHQL Game Ready Drivers

    We've always had that. What's different is WINDOWED mode gsync support. Correction please, @btarunr
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    Buying a new unlocked Galaxy S8 - for use on Verizon

    Ok, now that you've made your preference clear, what I said still applies. You need to make absoulutely sure you are buying a qualcomm Galaxy S8. If you are not, it likely will not work on Verizon. Lack of bands and refusal of support, etc.
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    WAV audio files are now being used to hide malicious code

    You wouldn't be the one opening the wav. It's for remote command execution. You'd have to already have malware on your machine to have it even look up a innocent looking (to hosts) wav file to ask for botnet commands. Still, if you got this, I think you got a handle on it.
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    Is Blaupunkt good brand for earbuds?

    That reminds me of the old Deer PSUs. Nothing runs like a Deer... and then explodes too, at spec. Oh, we forgot to mention that.
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    Microsoft Pushes Intel "Haswell" Microcode Update to Harden Against MDS

    Uh... no. IIRC, Benchmarks have been pegging it at around 2-10%. It's not "very little" by any stretch. Media access is hit the worst I think. Don't quote those exact numbers but "very little" is not being completely honest. Likewise, I'd not advise people to avoid this fix either. Even...
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    Buying a new unlocked Galaxy S8 - for use on Verizon

    Does the A50 have a USA compatible version? Exynos chipsets (which it has) don't always work with all US carriers. Verizon for example, will often just say "no." Band 13 support seems to be the point of contention. Since he is buying for Verizon, I'd be wary and makesure I got a qualcomm...
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    What are you playing?

    Yeah, it just sucks when the author of the mod you love literally has decided he hates you. If he could block me from his github I'm sure he'd try. I wanted to love you man... lol Ignore me. Drama serves nobody. Kerbal rocks.
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    What are you playing?

    For some reason, I am still playing Kerbal Space Program and loving it, despite their forum community being pretty friggin toxic, and leaving a really bad taste in my mouth.