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    NVIDIA RTX 3080 Release Availability Could be a Novel

    Are you referring to the immediate non-availability, bots acquiring graphics cards, or scalpers selling them for above-MSRP prices? Because those are all facts.
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    NVIDIA RTX 3080 Release Availability Could be a Novel

    Thank you :lovetpu: I fail to see where exactly in the article is there anything ever resembling a "the author fell for it". That there are stories and rumors is a fact; however, never in the article are these rumors presented as facts in themselves.
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    NVIDIA RTX 3080 Release Availability Could be a Novel

    Scour the Internet's most likely tech-related places in forums such as TechPowerUp's own and Reddit, and a picture begins to form regarding NVIDIA's RTX 3080 launch. It's a bit like a Dali painting, with surrealist expectations, a whispered "NVIDIA's Ultimate Play" through virtual hallways...
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    The Ampere Purchase Thread

    I am so very much tempted to just pull the gun on one...
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    Klevv Announces Two New DDR4 Memory Lines: Cras XR RGB and Bolt XR

    Klevv, a subsidiary of SK Group, today announced two new DDR4 memory product lines - one with RGB flavoring, the other without. The Cras XR RGB features a metal heatspreader with a dotted pattern (42.5 mm height), topped by an RGB LED bar compatible with multiple RGB control software in the...
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    Logitech Releases Firmware Revision Unlocking 25,600 DPI on Select Mice

    Logitech has released a firmware update that unlocks a bonkers 25,600 DPI resolution on select mice from its lineup. The company is leveraging its HERO in-house developed sensor to demonstrate its capabilities, achieving a "sub-micron level sensitivity" as a testament to its hardware prowess...
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    Sony Announces PS5 Console Pricing, Exclusive Games Launch Lineup

    Sony yesterday at its PlayStation Showcase finally revealed pricing and exclusive launch titles for their PS5 console. First things first: the PS5 will be launching in two version, as we've known for a while, with different pricing according to the console version you choose. The "vanilla" PS5...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition

    True. Mine goes up to 144, so actually looking at the figures, it may make sense for it. Especially with future-proofing concerns. I suppose it depends mostly on cyberpunk 2077's performance, though. Luckily, I have time until we have some information from the competition.
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    Sony Denies Rumors of Reduced PS5 Launch Supply

    It's rare when a company actually responds to rumors with more than a simple "we don't comment on speculations"; however, Sony has done just that in regards to purported reduced supply of PS5 consoles on launch. There are some likely reasons for this move from Sony; for one, the rapid uptake on...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition

    I am now thoroughly convinced the RTX 3080 is absolute overkill for my 1440p monitor.
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    Acer Releases the CB342CKC OmegaLine Monitor: 34" IPS, UWQHD, 21:9, 1 ms, AMD FreeSync

    Acer has released a new ultrawide 4K addition to its lineup in the form of the CB342CKCsmiiphuzx monitor (no, this news editor hasn't fallen asleep on his keyboard; that's the actual model name). The new Acer CB342CKC enters the company's OmegaLine lineup, and features a 34" IPS panel with a...
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    ZOTAC Announces Extended Warranty for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series

    ZOTAC today announced they are expanding warranty on their upcoming lineup of NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 30 series (and will include new graphics card releases as well as Mini PCs). The move will see customers who purchase any GeForce 3000 series graphics card starting September 17th within the...
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    Microsoft Underwater Data Center Initiative Project Natick Declared a Success After Two Years

    Microsoft has announced it considers the result of its underwater data center initiative, named Project Natick, a success. This announcement comes after Microsoft recovered its data center capsule from the seafloor alongside the Orkney Islands after a two-year-long deployment. The self-contained...
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    Intel DG2 Discrete Xe Graphics Block Diagram Surfaces

    New details have leaked on Intel's upcoming DG2 graphics accelerator, which could help shed some light on what exactly can be expected from Intel's foray into the discrete graphics department. For one, a product listing shows an Intel DG2 graphic accelerator being paired with 8 GB of GDDR6...
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    Samsung Foundry to Become Sole Manufacturer of Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 on 5 nm EUV Manufacturing Process

    Rumors fresh of South Korean shores claim that Samsung has snagged a position as sole provider for Qualcomm's Snapdragon 875 SoC on its 5 nm EUV manufacturing process. The reason for this, according to a supposed industry insider, boiled down to money (as it almost always does): Samsung simply...