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    Grim Dawn ( Titan Quest \ Diablo fans )

    Anyone playing with mods? I usually have a hard time playing Grim Dawn for more than a few days but using Grim Internals and Rainbow has made the game infinitely better. They're just QoL mods but using them in conjuction with the new item filter and movement skills has made the game much...
  2. razaron

    Microsoft Confirms Latest Windows 10 Update May Decrease Performance in Certain Gaming Scenarios

    Yeah Windows 10 still has a bunch of issues, especially with "older" hardware. For your Killer network controller, you can convert it into the base controller its built from. I have one too and it's based on a Qualcom controller...
  3. razaron

    Intel Achieves Gender Pay Equity Globally

    lol at all the butt hurt people. Did anybody even read Intels statement? They literally state the argument used to debunk the gender pay gap. The only thing Intel has done is conduct a study verifying what we already knew, that after accounting for legitimate business factors that can explain...
  4. razaron

    AMD Radeon VII Detailed Some More: Die-size, Secret-sauce, Ray-tracing, and More

    Source? I tried googling it and couldn't find anything.
  5. razaron

    Now political correctness infects a programming language!

    I generally use parent-child as well, but see a place for master-slave. Parent-Child for generic hierarchical relations between identical things. Master-Slave for generic hierarchical relations where children are dependent on their parents. I can see why it wouldn't be popular though. We...
  6. razaron

    Stuttering issue in video applications with "stable system"

    Have you tried disabling APM in your HDDs? You can use CrystalDiskInfo to do that. Windows 10 removed support for HDD APM, so it doesn't realize your HDD is in use and puts it to sleep mid-game. Which is fine until you try to open the inventory or something else that has to read the HDD. That...
  7. razaron

    An Anthem for SLI: Bioware's New Universe in 60 FPS 4K Run on Two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti GPUs

    How Vulkan and DX12 work in general: Start the program and grab a list of all available physical devices (IGP, discrete GPU etc.) Query the physical devices to find one that supports the features you need, then create a logical device out of it. Attach a command pool (the thing you've heard of...
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    Is it the people here or just how people are?

    Modern people in general are shit(ter). Old or young. I've gone back to lurking, only reading comments in a popcorn capacity.
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    I got a mechanical keyboard

    The different switches are, well, different. Here's a thingy. Also, I quite like the blue switches. The sound makes me feel more fancypants when programming.
  10. razaron

    What would you like to see from the next Bethesda game?

    I'm hypothetically most looking forward to TES 6/7 (most probably 7). It's understandable that they won't go back to being standard RPGs (a la Morrowind), so I take solace with the hope that they only need 1 or 2 more games to get the mix of action and RPG right. If they can get the combat to be...
  11. razaron

    NVIDIA to Cut Pricing of GeForce GTX 780 and GTX 770 Post GTX 780 Ti

    "NVIDIA to Cut Pricing of GeForce GTX 780 and GTX 770 Post GTX 780 Ti" "NVIDIA could adjust prices of two of its key high-end SKUs to make them competitive with AMD's lineup." I'm a bit confused. Are you a) saying that Nvidia is going to cut its prices, but hasn't revealed by how much (hence...
  12. razaron

    AMD Radeon R9 290X 4 GB

    I'm not sure about other people that WC, but, if I was to get a new graphics card it would be WCed regardless of what card it is (other than backup cards, obviously). So, for me, I'm not comparing a WCed 290x vs a ACed 780. I'm comparing a WCed, overvolted, max 24/7 OC 290X vs a WCed...
  13. razaron

    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    Guide for removing the Folders category from the new My Computer.
  14. razaron

    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    It seems you can't disable the start button. Great move MS.
  15. razaron

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Finally got that free upgrade Virgin Media had promised. From 100/5 to 125/12