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    TS- Thermal Limit Reason

    Unfortunately most laptops suffer from this, if not all. The manufacturer does not want or intend you to open the machine so they use a THICK thermal paste that is designed to last for several years. Unfortunately again, the application being even slightly off will mean insanely high temps and a...
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    vram amd test

    You would download and open OCCT and within the program select your video card and the VRAM test. I believe it is in the left pane.
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    vram amd test

    Is there a specific test you are referencing? I could just be in the dark, I didn't know there was an AMD/Radeon VRAM test. I use OCCT Free version and there are many tests to include VRAM. - https://www.ocbase.com/
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    TS- Thermal Limit Reason

    Different/better thermal paste will make a world of difference.
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    "3d Mark" Is It a Relevant Test?

    Although I don't believe this takes into account the Standalone version that runs without Steam. I use it mostly to stress and stability test my gaming laptop. It's a great learning tool, as well as the benchmarking challenge which I also find fun. Some scores in signature
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    I don't understand TPL

    Your PROCHOT limit is set to 95C in Red. So if any core reaches above that it will flag 'THERMAL'. You can see in Max category several cores hit 98C. Your screenshot shows 59W+ draw and a Red PL1 flag which makes sense for the limit of 58W. EDP Other Ring is a different power limit tied to...
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    Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W on sale now at $15

    Currently using a 3b and 3b+ to run OctoPi on two 3D printers. I've had dropout/stutter issues running particular plugins while printing with a Pi Zero W and the community pretty much says its just too slow. Do you think the new Zero 2 W would fair any better? The $15 price is attractive...
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    The OG celeron/Pentium users club. (you can join if you have a PC with a pentium or Celeron

    Still use a Lenovo ideapad 130S that has an Intel Celeron N4000 (1.1GHz base/ 2.6GHz Max Turbo). Two cores of FURY! It's PASSIVELY cooled and basically never overheats! 6W/10W PL1/PL2 limits It doesn't respond well to Throttle Stop but it does to QuickCPU so I have it fully tuned with that...
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    Should i liquid metal cool my laptop

    If you haven't already tried multiple types of 'normal' thermal paste than I would say 'No" to liquid-metal.
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    AMD Smart Access Memory not enabling in BIOS according to GPU-Z

    There is a vBIOS flash tool for RTX 3000 series cards right on the nvidia site, ready for download by the end user. To think RTX 2000 users can't be given this same option is silly. https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5165/~/nvidia-resizable-bar-firmware-update-tool Why can't...
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    AMD Smart Access Memory not enabling in BIOS according to GPU-Z

    *Cries in RTX 2000-Series* One day someone will figure out how to enable this for RTX-2000! I'm so close...
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    Mysterious object found at centre of galaxy emits rare radio signal: ‘We’ve never seen anything like it’

    They reference the "centre of the galaxy" numerous times in this article. Is this new information or am I just not understanding this terminology?
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    [PCGamer] Steam bans all games with NFTs or cryptocurrency

    Meanwhile Epic Games says, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and your blockchain NFT's".
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    Need some assistance with BIOS flashing with ch341a

    Have you heard those black PCB flashers have a 5v flaw. They are designed to give 3.3v to BIOS chip but can supply 5v if not modified. - https://www.win-raid.com/t796f16-Guide-Using-CH-A-based-programmer-to-flash-SPI-EEPROM-5.html#msg43126 Could this be your cause of trouble? EDIT - I guess...