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    Intel "Hades Canyon" NUC Motherboard Pictured

    That's my dream PC right there. 5 times smaller than my current ITX rig, and probably more powerful (not counting the GPU, but still....) And it's more affordable than its predecessor ($570 for a base model w/o OS). It's VR-capable, so I'm pretty sure you can make a portable VR/AR backpack w/ a...
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    Nvidia video card cheat GT 710 32bit vs 64bit memory bus

    Not a typo. Basically the whole ordeal boils down to GT710 having a 64-bit bus w/ reference DDR3 design. GDDR5 wasn't even planned for this card when it came out. Then several OEMs decided to make a slightly more efficient GDDR5 version, and they've used a "sandwich" arrangement (only on this...
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    Which Laptop should I buy? Pls help me.

    Don't be. Turkey is probably more economically sound than my country, and I live just up north, across the Black Sea. I'm pretty sure that earning $100 in Turkey is not much more difficult, or different than earning $100 in Ukraine. All it takes is a brain, a pair of hands and some effort...
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    Which Laptop should I buy? Pls help me.

    Just because you live in Turkey does not exclude you from a worldwide overflow of refurbished Lenovo, Dell and HP laptops. It's not like you live somewhere in Liberia or Antarctica. Here's a decent model for you, a bit too expensive for what it's actually worth, but I don't speak Turkish to...
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    Which Laptop should I buy? Pls help me.

    Why would you even consider either of them? I'm not even sure if you can browse internet on those models. Both are over 10 years old and both are total garbage. You can get a SandyBridge laptop nowadays for under $100. Just few weeks ago I gave away an Acer from that generation for 2 chocolate...
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    13 Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in AMD Zen Architecture, Including Backdoors

    Well, that's beyond fishy... Even without looking at company's background I can tell that this is a load of bullshit just by paying attention to wording in their whitepaper. The others are also quite vague and always imply plausibility, and not a proof (e.g. "if you get access to Fenced RAM...
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    Windows 10 install "S" WTF

    My media creation process was different than his, but there was still no selection. I did a WIM download via MediaCreationTool, then converted to ISO and wrote to USB via RUFUS. What's interesting, is that the same ISO worked for almost 2 month without issues, and the Win10S madness only started...
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    Windows 10 install "S" WTF

    tried that - no luck. Re-checked every setting in Defender > App&Browser Control - still no luck. The rest is impossible, cause you can't even run regedit or anything else besides UWP packages and standard utilities. The problem is so bad, that even some drivers can't install from Windows...
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    Windows 10 install "S" WTF

    had this on several machines at work recently (1711 distro converted from official MS image). Secureboot does not change shit, so here's my five cents: 1) Temporary workaround is to do non-UEFI install (convert your USB stick to MBR and write an ISO w/ Rufus in BIOS/UEFI[CSM] mode). 2) Permanent...
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    Qarnot Unveils Their QC-1 Crypto Heater

    LOL. I thought their CPU miner was hilarious, but this... Near $4000 w/ shipping maybe can get your money back by mid-century or something. :banghead:
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    Why not one really big core?

    Multitasking and Simultaneous multithreading are not the same thing. Just look at modern GPUs as an example of such constructs: they all have a dedicated hardware for scheduling and resource allocation. Like NVidia Falcon processor (not sure what arch, but the new version is going to be a...
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    Why not one really big core?

    One big drawback - context switching. Each CPU core has registers, ALU(s), FPU(s) which are available to a single program(thread) running at a time. Every time you switch to another thread, you need to dump the contents of all registers and the current CPU state (status register) onto the stack...
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    $179 LG 29UM69G-B 29" FreeSync IPS WFHD Ultrawide Gaming Monitor, Dynamic Action Sync 75 Hz

    Crap. It's nearly $400 in my area... Bought my 4k samsung for that same amount of money... Still not bad for conventional gaming. If only it was as cheap here as in US...
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    Upcoming Quake Champions Update Brings New Character and Game Modes

    Not with hitbox differences, though... Pretty sure that "No Ability" mode will be dominated by Anarki and Nyx, while instagib is probably going to be a bunch of Anarkis flying around. Lame... For some reason I'm 100% sure it ain't gonna be Hunter. Just because everyone asked for her, Tim...
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    Sudden loss of write speed on flashdrive

    There's only one answer: it's a fucking Kingston. I've seen way too many problems with their drives mostly related to their choice of low-cost controllers. For example, I had several DT100 G3 and DTSE9 G2 USB3.0 drives die due to faulty controller after only a few months of low usage. Had a pair...