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    [FS] EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Super FTW3 Ultra 8GB GDDR6 $500 Shipped

    The seals are absolutely seamless. SOLD!
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    [FS] EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Super FTW3 Ultra 8GB GDDR6 $500 Shipped

    I got this 1 month ago from a forum as a sealed box. And I never opened it. I bought it for 550 usd, I'm giving $50 discount. Invoice available. $500 shipped.
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    PC screen blank after removing ram

    yes. pull out all the ram sticks and put them back in, the tabs on each side should click. Manual says either slot is fine to use as far as i can see. if that doesnt solve the issues, try resetting the bios with either the jumper or pull out the battery for 10-30 seconds.
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    Unreal Engine 5 Demo to Require RTX 2070 SUPER GPU at Minimum for Smooth Gameplay

    You absolutly do not want fake frames for PC's which is exactly what tvs with "Fake 1000hz" rates do. PC monitors are significantly better in almost all specs hence why they cost more.
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    Resident Evil: Resistance is broken by Denuvo?

    Have you checked the temps to make sure nothing is throttling? a quick google found other users reporting audio sync issues on both PS4 and PC. maybe check audio settings in game and in windows, try basic stereo. Edit: looks like its a game issue. heaps of threads about the problems on...
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    Micro sd to sd card adaptor...

    ... already checked,
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    Micro sd to sd card adaptor...

    Thanks john, perfect price. Its for a dashcam that only takes micro sd cards.... i already have a 128gb SD card that I wanted to use.
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    Micro sd to sd card adaptor...

    Hi, Im looking to use an sd card in a micro sd device, not sure if its possible as i cant find an adaptor for it... can someone point mein the right direction.? Heres a picture,
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    Giveaway: Star Citizen [WINNER ANNOUNCED]

    Hell yes I want this. Too poor to afford it currently :( (Saving for Fallout 3)
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    Bootable USB with ISO - What am I missing?

    Have you copied all the files from the ISO to the flash drive? I can't see that step. After step 10. (after formatting and making it the active partition) Copy files from the ISO to flash drive. Open CMD as administrator. navigate to the flash drive, lets call it drive Z and type in the...
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    x2 SSD RAID1 + Hardware Encryption, Real or Not?

    There is also Veracrypt.
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    SLI Bridge length?

    Paint it with a black marker?
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    Windows search by time

    Hi, I have 100s of files but I need to find all the ones that have been last modified during a certain time range: 11am to 4pm the date is irrelevant. I'm not sure if this is possible with the default windows search or maybe someone knows of an alternative.