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    Linux Developers Threaten to Pull "Kill Switch"

    and who wouldt be? Linus may be the founding father but he is no saint. There are equally qualified core team members. The dude is straight hostile. As for the CoC I'm not worried about it honestly. I agree with @FordGT90Concept I read the CoC and this is pretty standard. Not to mention givin...
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    Full time Linux user and gamer?

    A: if we are speaking outside of discussion it would be beneficial for realtek to improve driver support and the chips in general because the server linux utilization is actually really high. B: you kind of proved why it was a mis guided discussion you cant stay on topic (which im going to...
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    Remote desktop question

    I mean just set the GPO.
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    Remote desktop question

    I edited my post it’s a GPO
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    Remote desktop question

    Just as I thought, pretty sure I understand what you mean. but RDP is just the connection to the PC. The machine (host) being connected too controls the action of logging in with or without a password not RDP. I went to check my servers to see depending on if this is a server or client OS (pro...
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    Remote desktop question

    This isnt possible, If I am understanding you correctly.
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    Telltale Games Enters Majority Closure, Walking Dead Finale Reportedly Cancelled

    I cant personally attest to this studio being a good or bad one, but I do agree to some extent. I think layoffs are always bad but I'm a bit sad this seemed to be such a slow death (or maybe it isnt in the studio industry?) best that those people get the opportunity to go find other jobs. If the...
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    Are VPN services need or a rip-off?

    Looks like we've run our course.
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    Anyone remember OCZ brand (not SSDs)?

    hell yeah I remember! I really wish I bought that OCZ neural thing, it was wicked cool. I also remember there stand alone phase change unit also mega cool. I had the 4GB OCZ gold "vista upgrade" ram kit. used it for years. Pretty sure its with my Q6600 ES in someones closet long gone now. I...
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    Wrong fan-setup?! Annoying "clicking" sound on one of the fans?

    you could have tightened one too much, and its hitting the shroud, which you probably would have noticed by manually stopping them. Try checking the PSU CPU GPU fans.
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    Disk clean up does it really work? Windows 10

    no warranty expressed or implied, the same could be said for most cleaners. A page out of your book if you let me. .........¯\(ツ)/¯.........
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    Disk clean up does it really work? Windows 10

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    Are VPN services need or a rip-off?

    hmmm, it really depends on the content. most cookies and geo tracking are IP and browser based so it can very much alter where you "come from" too a servers logs and control the type of advert you get via "targeted ad" systems.
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    Fresh wave of wordpress exploits

    Redirects users to tech support scammers. Check your framework. https://blog.malwarebytes.com/threat-analysis/2018/09/mass-wordpress-compromises-tech-support-scams/
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    Are VPN services need or a rip-off?

    I would like to ask again that we stick to the OPs original questions inline, Kursah had some great points as an example. I do not see a need to derail into mentioning aliens or tinfoil hats or the merits of state governments. If OP and the rest of you for example are worried about the kind of...