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    Broadcom's Latest Qualcomm Buyout Bid is $105 Billion

    So Broadcom was acquired by Avago Technologies in 2016 for 37 billions, and 1 year later they want to buy Qualcomm for 105 billions...
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    TechPowerUp News Team Openings for US, CA & other American Countries

    looking for someone from the Americas is just for timezone´s sake or there´s a plus for speaking spanish? speculation modeon TECPODERARRIBA confirmed!!! speculation modeoff
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    Intel Core "Skylake" CPUs Accompanied by 100-series Chipset

    another socket/package? so x97 chipsets are only for haswellrefresh/broadwell... so intel...
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    ASUS Announces Passive-cooled J1800I-C "Bay Trail" Motherboard

    we also want nano and pico ITX boards :(
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    GeForce GTX 750 Ti "Maxwell" First Performance Numbers Out

    power consumption?
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from TechPowerUp!

    Feliz Año Nuevo para Todos!!!
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    Intel Delays 14 nm "Broadwell" Chips to Q1-2014

    if production starts in Q1, we wont see those chips on shelves before Q2 or Q3 maybe
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    Axiomtek Launches PICO822 Optimized Pico-ITX SBC

    "...newest ultra low power Intel Atom processor E620T 600 MHz and E680T..." newest...? both processors are 3 years old:shadedshu
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    Razer Announces Kraken 7.1 Gaming Headset

    "7.1 virtual surround sound"... I´m not 100% sure, but I think I´ve never seen a real 5.1 or 7.1 headphone...
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    AMD Kaveri APU Delayed To 1H 2014?

    nextgen consoles use custom AMD chips, and since AMD is fabless... what I was asking about is if the fabs (global foundries or whatever) are using his manufacturing capacity to build the nextgen console chips instead of building kaveri or other AMD chips. Im not a native english speaker, I dont...
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    AMD Kaveri APU Delayed To 1H 2014?

    the delay and "manufacturing issues" have something to do with the fabs building the nextgen console chips and not having "space" for "AMD´s own" chips? sorry for my english
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    EIZO Releases 21" And 19" Square Monitors With LED Backlights

    My thoughts exactly
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    Douglas Engelbart Passes Away

    I call Bullshit! Jobs invented everything... RIP that demo is awesome
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    Trio of Value-Oriented GIGABYTE LGA1150 Motherboards Detailed

    I already have one along with an i5 4670:), but Ill replace it with a Z87x d3h in two or three days, its for a friend s rig, those mobos has been avaliable for almost a week in argentina