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  1. spud107

    TPU Minecraft Server

    nice, id join if i wasnt already on a server, buildin stuff like this . .
  2. spud107

    hehe, ye, i still check in sometimes:)

    hehe, ye, i still check in sometimes:)
  3. spud107

    Moving an operating system?

    iv found the built in backup option to work pretty well for transferring os to another drive.
  4. spud107

    TPU image hosting

    http://imgur.com/ use this instead . . .
  5. spud107

    Ghetto Mods

    done this a while ago when i had a shuttle pc, power supply was dead so i made a normal one fit . . .
  6. spud107

    Firefox or Chrome in Linux?

    naww, lynx is the browser you need, or links . . .
  7. spud107

    Ghetto Mods

    if the heatpipe ends at the northbridge then probably not,if it passes through to another set of fins/heatsink, i would try to clamp/cut/solder the end, then it would still (hopefully) be functional.
  8. spud107

    Ghetto Mods

    not sure, but i guess it would work, as all the heat from the southbridge just goes to the nb, would probably keep both cooler. kinda related, i was testing the heatsink i put on with a blowtorch first to see if the pipe was still working after bending, heat transfer from the base to the fins...
  9. spud107

    Ghetto Mods

    lol go for it, also good thing with doing this is i got a chance to sorta tidy the cables . . .
  10. spud107

    Ghetto Mods

    might as well post what i did to a laptop cooler . . .
  11. spud107

    Horizontal span games in Win7 and Vista!

    more screenshot . . . x3 winamp milkdrop
  12. spud107

    Dual Monitors

    if theres a few games you play a lot they may work with softth, any vid card will work for the 3rd screen. edit - it may also work for 2, you just wont have a left or right screen.
  13. spud107

    Horizontal span games in Win7 and Vista!

    yeah i bet it would cost a fair bit lol, atm this setup didnt cost anything, so cant really complain, and the edges arent that bad, when your playing your still focusing on middle screen, just makes it soo much more immersive.
  14. spud107

    Horizontal span games in Win7 and Vista!

    here's fallout with 150 set for fov, and corrected for bezels,
  15. spud107

    Horizontal span games in Win7 and Vista!

    yeah, some games its not too bad, others you can see it more, just trying to see how many of the games i have will work with this setup. also got test drive unlimited going :3