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  1. sukathukassa

    USB C detection delay on 6900XT reference card

    I've been having the same issue lately
  2. sukathukassa

    AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D

    Does the eco-mode work on it?
  3. sukathukassa

    NVIDIA Readying GeForce RTX 3090 SUPER, A Fully Unlocked GA102 with 400W Power?

    Yet somehow this reminds me of yesterdays GP
  4. sukathukassa

    be quiet! Dark Rock TF 2

    Well dammit, had high hopes for this
  5. sukathukassa

    AMD X570S Market availibility thread

    I've seen one listed here in Finland https://www.jimms.fi/fi/Product/Show/173280/x570s-pg-riptide/asrock-x570s-pg-riptide-atx-emolevy
  6. sukathukassa

    EVGA Z590 DARK Motherboard Released to Retail at $600

    That's one good looking heatsink on the vrm
  7. sukathukassa

    Jonsbo Introduces the N1 Mini-ITX Chassis

    I hope it doesn't cost too much