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    Valve Claims Steam Deck Can Run Entire Steam Library Within Performance Target

    Back to the stone age for a mere 650 bucks...
  2. TheDeeGee

    "First death from Bitcoin mining"

    Good thing you can't read my mind.
  3. TheDeeGee

    Your PC ATM

    Finally done now! Changed the CPU Covers, and got CableMod cables (replacement kit). Really happy with how this looks :)
  4. TheDeeGee

    Scalpers Already "Offering" the Steam Deck for $5,000 on eBay

    Why doesn't ebay ban these users and remove such listings? They're way above MSRP and clearly scalpers.
  5. TheDeeGee

    Valve Announces the Steam Deck Game Console

    I just saw someone call it the "GabeBoy" :laugh:
  6. TheDeeGee

    Valve Steam Deck SoC Detailed: AMD Brings Zen2 and RDNA2 to the Table

    Why make HL3 which sells 150 million copies, when you can make an overpriced handheld and sell 1 million units. How tone deaf can one be? Oh, good luck when you get stickdrift and have to toss the entire unit.
  7. TheDeeGee

    Valve Announces the Steam Deck Game Console

    Don't we have 93820394824 handhelds on the market already?
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    CORSAIR Launches Hydro X Series XD7 RGB Pump/Reservoir Distribution Plate

    Yeah, this only works in a gigantic case where it allows you to mount it next to the motherboard.
  9. TheDeeGee

    CORSAIR Launches Hydro X Series XD7 RGB Pump/Reservoir Distribution Plate

    Sooo, block the front of the case, add 3 exhaust on top radiator, dust heaven?
  10. TheDeeGee

    AMD Zen 4 Desktop Processors Likely Limited to 16 Cores, 170 W TDP

    What 11th gen disaster? My 11700 uses 40-45 watts during gaming.
  11. TheDeeGee

    ASUS Introduces RTX 3080 Ti ROG Strix LC Hybrid-Cooled Graphics Cards

    5 years later cooling has degraded and unable to be replaced. Just the kind of products we don't need. Less e-waste please.
  12. TheDeeGee

    TechN Announces a GPU Water Cooler for AMD 6800, 6800 XT and 6900 XT and Introduces Pure Copper Into the Line-up

    The top looks very GTX 480-ish with those grooves, it even tapers.
  13. TheDeeGee

    MSI Announces MAG CH130 Series Gaming Chairs

    Water resistant! That means you can use it for your Hottub Stream on Twitch!
  14. TheDeeGee

    Thermaltake Announces Availability of Tt Premium PCIe 4.0 Extenders

    Gen 4 cables have high failure rates... as in not meeting 4.0 spec speeds, they can still be used for 3.0. That's why they cost so much.