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    Computex 2012 Show Girls

    My top list :
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    Giada Also Intros HM65 Tiny System Board

    insysteception :rolleyes:
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    Samsung Announces the Series 7 CHRONOS 17 Laptop

    the picture is either from the 14" model or the keys on that thing are massive :laugh:
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    AMD Catalyst 12.2 WHQL Now Available

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    AMD Catalyst 12.2 WHQL Now Available

    it shows as 12.3 to me too as well but trixx is working fine for me
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    Google Rolls out the Chrome 18.0.1025.33 Beta

    I am a little confused... Why does this beta get a spot in the news ?
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    Micron CEO Steve Appleton Dies In Plane Crash

    his plane crashed shortly after take off http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-02-03/micron-chief-s-lancair-plane-had-disproportionate-crash-rate-faa-says.html do you think this is appropriate ?
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    Backlash Over Google's New Privacy Settings

    i dont mind being seen as a single user on all google services so I see no harm in google sharing information between its services as long as this information stays with in google
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    Gigabyte Reveals the MSH61DK Mini-ITX LGA 1155 Motherboard

    i just hope it comes with the 12pin psu adapter as this is first time of me seeing this design
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    Thecus Launches the N4800, Next-Gen 4 Bay NAS

    and on a second note
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    SOPA-like Legislation Mulled in Spain

    and 91.3% of all statistics are completely made up, including this one :laugh: so even if SOPA and PROTECT IP Act dont pass in the us there will be some other country to adopt them :shadedshu
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    GoDaddy Plays Dirty: Thwarts Domain Transfers To Competitors

    He was on topic then he took an arrow to the knee :laugh: I am sorry I had to do it And back on topic... GoDaddy Y U no have brain and keep screwing urself? //end of meme generated comment
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    Orico Unveils Internal Hot-Swap HDD Enclosures

    way to make myself look stupid there... horizontal plane would mean vertical stacking and vertical plane horizontal stacking (i was tinkling on which plane the hard drives are on) :o