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    Cannot support NVIDIA Mining GPU on TCC mode

    NVIDIA has just released new code to support TCC mode. Would you please help on the implement? Thanks!
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    Wrong display on memory type

    Moreover, I heard from the engineer that it will have more and more graphic board will change to use DDR3 design. It is because of the cost to performance.
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    Wrong display on memory type

    It is new. The memory clock is 800Mhz and the memory part no. is Hynix H5TQ1G63BFR-12C. According to NVIDIA engineer, this DDR3 memory is used on system memory modules. But now, it change to use on graphic cards. Moreover, they told that the old header files only contain SDR, DDR, DDR2 and...
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    Wrong display on memory type

    Hi I find that the memory type is wrong with my NVIDIA graphic card. It should be 9500GT DDR3. (not GDDR3) It will show DDR2 instead of DDR3. I have checked with NVIDIA's engineer. They told that developer need to update the header files from NVIDIA. Anyone can help on this? Thanks!