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    Too old to enjoy hardcore gaming anymore? :(

    Wow... you guys are making me cry :cry: I can relate to all of it and mostly I miss the time I had to spend on TPU and helping others :toast: . I just pop on World of Warcraft these days to get my gaming fix with the time I have for gaming these days...
  2. Urlyin

    Raid failure - can I recover data?

    I have used this software to recover data from raid https://www.r-studio.com/ before and also like using this app the most http://www.file-recovery.net/
  3. Urlyin

    XIGMATEK Intros Apache Plus Top-flow CPU Cooler

    I believe they were one of the first to market a AIO HS and did make decent coolers and cases at one time but I haven't kept up with anything they've made lately... https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/?category=&manufacturer=Xigmatek&pp=25&order=date
  4. Urlyin

    Would you buy a used mining card?

    I have several comments since I'm about to pull the trigger on a used card from a miner. First he's a long time TPU member and is trust worthy in my eyes. Second I'm no where in the market for a six hundred to one thousand dollar new video card. Third I can buy a card similar to what I have for...
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    New love for old cards - [GPU restoration]

    not sure if you're aware but I found acetone to work better than alcohol... pics look fine.
  6. Urlyin

    New love for old cards - [GPU restoration]

    take some pics when their all cleaned up afterwards... perhaps some GPU temps before and after? Welcome to TPU Dinnercore
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    Azza Storm 6000

    I purchased a AZZA 3000 from SneakyPete several years ago. It's a nice large case and fits my needs with 360 rad and water loop. I agree with Assimilator if you put the glass on the side your cable management needs to be up to par but over all a large workable case at a decent price. Thanks for...
  8. Urlyin

    Where are the promised MSI Spectre/Meltdown BIOS updates?

    What I thought as well...
  9. Urlyin

    A Monitor RMA gone Bad_ASS

    They sent me a PB287Q 28" ... missed adding that in the OP
  10. Urlyin

    A Monitor RMA gone Bad_ASS

    This one is a first for me and perhaps common place for others. I had a 27" ASUS VN289H where the backlight went out. I thought dam I have to purchase a new monitor but before doing so I check my warranty and I had the ASUS Rapid Replacement still good from 2016 at the time I bought it. Well...
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    OFFICIAL Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Discussion)

    Hey wait! Who said you could have fun??
  12. Urlyin

    Sharkoon Announces Skiller SGC1 ATX Midi Tower Series

    You can change the Red to a different color fan and not have to puke... My rig is red and black... How I like it when I built it years ago but you're right the red and black seems to be over done with the onslaught of all the pretty LED's these days. My opinion is the Sharkoon SGC1 is still a...
  13. Urlyin

    Virtual Reality Club

    Stuff arrived and should have a chance this week to try to setup if I can get the HDK2 to load up games without a fight in some cases... I'll have to check out the "PS_Move_Rotation_Tool.exe" You go WhiteNoise!
  14. Urlyin

    Virtual Reality Club

    Yeah stumbling, bumbling through it... disappointed to read there are tracking issues not yet resolved. Big issue for me are controllers since I'm not crazy about using Xbox controllers in Steam or the Steam controller which I hate even more. I could cough up another 80 bucks or so on a Leap...
  15. Urlyin

    Virtual Reality Club

    Welcome to the Club! Just got TF2 working in the HMD... Right click on TF2 properties in Steam, type -VR under Set Launch Options and uncheck Use Desktop Game Theatre while SteamVR is active... So you got me wanting to try FO4 myself again but it starts in Theatre mode so need to find out how...