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    ASML Said to Have Plans to Bring European Supply Chain to Taiwan

    That is why I am waiting to see how all these US onshoring will pan out. This is not a Command and Conquer game where you just build a factory in your base, and all the resources required in your backyard. I feel ASML's move seems to be bring themselves closer to Taiwan since TSMC is one of...
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    TSMC Announces Updates for TSMC Arizona

    In my opinion, having chips produced in US is a double whammy to the citizens. In this case, taxpayer's money is used for the purpose of the CHIPS ACT to entice foreign tech companies to manufacture onshore. The end result is like more costly chips, in which people who paid their taxes will have...
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    Apple and NVIDIA First Customers of TSMC's Arizona Fab

    Chips produced by TSMC in Taiwan and US are no different. If US is worried about chip shortages, having the chips manufactured in US will not help when you have dependencies on producing a complete product and for raw materials. You can produce an Apple SOC in US, but you can't use it until it...
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    AMD Radeon RX 7900 RDNA3 GPU Launch Could Face Scarcity, China Loses Reference Card Privilege

    I feel whats happening here is no different from what happened with the launch of RDNA2. I recall AMD kept on saying that they will have a big supply at launch at that point in time, but on the day, barely anyone can find the card. There was none found on Amazon, in brick and mortar shops, etc...
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    Apple and NVIDIA First Customers of TSMC's Arizona Fab

    I wonder what is the point of getting chips in US, when devices are put together in Asia most of the time. At the end of the day, the same bottleneck exists, while cost increases. And with Apple moving to 3nm for A17, the 4nm fab will likely be used to produce older SOCs by the time the fab is...
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    Intel Research Fuels Moore's Law and Paves the Way to a Trillion Transistors by 2030

    Intel has been stuck in their 14nm for an extended period of time, and likely stuck with 10nm for the next few years as well. They are just being cryptic and not spelling out the "actual" process node now. It is true that the rest of the foundries are anyway doing it, but in changing the way...
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    underperforming overheating 5800x3d 91c underload

    What cooler are you using? I've not used a 5800X3D before, but my experience with the 5800X tells me that you need to tweak the power limits (PPT/EDC/TDC values) to make a drastic difference in temp. I was using the 5800X with an Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360, and it was hitting mid 80s degree...
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    RTX 4090 has Issues with Need for Speed Unbound that can Only be Fixed with a VBIOS Update

    Objectively, this is an early adopter problem. When Ampere was first released, there were a lot of issues as well. Though I have to agree that it is odd for a game to require some sort of messing around with the vBIOs. May be there's too much "smarts" in the Ada Lovelace line of GPUs that is...
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    Total Concentration, Save Your Files! Verbatim Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba USB Drives Make Their Debut

    Verbatim, a data storage product leader has now resort to selling collectibles instead of storage. With SSDs getting cheaper, these supposed data storage leaders are becoming less relevant. The other "data storage leader" is also turning to collectible drives as a means to sell mechanical drives.
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    Samsung Reveals GDDR7 Memory Uses PAM3 Signalling to Achieve 36 Gbps Data-Rate

    I feel that flagship GPUs have always been very power hungry given that they exist to push performance boundaries. In any case, I think we are already hitting a point where transistors are not shrinking fast enough to make more complex chips. So very likely, it will be increasingly common to see...
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    Samsung Reveals GDDR7 Memory Uses PAM3 Signalling to Achieve 36 Gbps Data-Rate

    I am not sure which existing GDDR6 solution is being used to compare with the GDDR7 36Gbps data rate to derive that 25% efficiency, but I am expecting a big jump in power requirements, just not proportionate to the increase in data rate.
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    AMD RDNA3 Second-largest Navi 32 and Third-largest Navi 33 Shader Counts Leaked

    I feel if Navi 32 appears with 60 CU, it is a good step up from the 40 CU with the existing 6700 series. This is as many CUs as the RX 6800, which I feel should have been the RX 6700 XT this generation. The CU cut from Navi 21 to 22 is too steep, i.e. 50%, which really kills performance. So much...
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    GIGABYTE Brings Raptor Lake "Instant 6 GHz" Auto-OC Feature to its Intel Z690 Motherboards

    It is a good value add, but not going to make any meaningful improvement for most people. Just as mentioned in the article itself, the single core improvement is 3%, which is negligible in real world performance. Power consumption may not go up as much since it is only single core, but for...
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    Intel Core i9-13900KS 6 GHz Processor MSRP 22% Higher Than i9-13900K: Retailer

    It may seem like the price is holding better, but you need to understand that you are paying more as well. The market for such niche chips is very small, and people in this niche market will quickly upgrade to the latest chip when it's available. In any case, it will not be possible for Intel...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti with GDDR6X to Replace Standard Model with GDDR6

    I get what you mean, but these cards that you are comparing are really meant for different markets, audience. For one, if you are gaming at 1080p, then there is 0 reasons to buy a flagship card like the RTX 4090. All reviews point to substantial CPU bottleneck even for 1440p. The RTX 4090 is...