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  1. xkm1948

    What happend to Polaris update?

    Maybe another rebrand. RX680?
  2. xkm1948

    New EPYC crunching build

    Plot twist, OP discovered EPYC’s insane Monero mining capability and joined the dark mining side. @R-T-B
  3. xkm1948

    The State of Cryptocurrency

    Crypto is gonna come crushing down hard once more regulations are adopted across the globe. Good.
  4. xkm1948

    Oculus support experiences?

    Seems HTC customer service is not that bad after all. Sorry for your situation bro. Try to get BBB involved.
  5. xkm1948

    New Ryzen 2600 gets 17% single core performance boost

    Better OC headroom plus better RAM compatibility that is for sure. Anything more will be icing on the cake.
  6. xkm1948

    100% HDD usage followed by DPC Watchdog Violation

    Processing some fairly large datasets on my HDD. I am getting BSOD when HDD activity reaches 100%. Entire system would become unresponsive for a while then followed by DPC violation BSOD. I am fairly certain my overclocking has been conservative and passed >24hrs of stress testing. Could this...
  7. xkm1948

    Looking to downgrade my Comcast service... looking for advice for cable modem, et. al.

    Fair enough. I don't watch sports tho. More time for WORK!
  8. xkm1948

    Looking to downgrade my Comcast service... looking for advice for cable modem, et. al.

    Remove your TV from cable service, that would save you a lot. Nothing interesting on TV you cannot obtain from internet anyway
  9. xkm1948

    Post your Cinebench score

    I am not supposed to do this, but did it anyway. Now i am at peace
  10. xkm1948

    Share your CPUZ Benchmarks!

  11. xkm1948

    P102-100 mining cards

    Then don’t, miner.
  12. xkm1948

    P102-100 mining cards

    My suggestion is the power on timer is only used for gaming GPUs' warranty as well as potential resale value. Everything I suggest is to deter miners buying gaming GPUs for mining. If you buy your specific computing(mining) GPU then that power on counter no longer applies to you. Only people...
  13. xkm1948

    P102-100 mining cards

    For you “gentle miners” that baby your GPU this should not affect anything for tou guys. You are not planning to sell your cards and don’t care about warranty(gentle!!) then why does it hurt to add a power on timer? I mean real miners should cheer for the detailed segmentation of products...
  14. xkm1948

    P102-100 mining cards

    We agree to disagree