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    AMD Launches World's Most Powerful Desktop Processor: 2nd Generation Threadripper

    Newegg pre-order of 2990WX got canceled, damn!
  2. xkm1948

    Post Your BaseMark GPU Scores!

    Finally I can run it on Vulkan now. Not too bad TBH. 4.2GHz CPU and 1100MHz GPU.
  3. xkm1948

    Case Labs Closing Doors.

    So many independent critical thinkers it warms my heart
  4. xkm1948

    HWBot Adds Threadripper II 2990X, 2970X, 2950X Support; Generational Improvements in TDP

    Last gen TR flagship was 1950X, not 1990X
  5. xkm1948

    Think VR Is Dying? It's Just Getting Started, Says HTC

    So many narrow minded haters. You would think a tech community like TPU would be more open minded but no. So much hate makes you wonder what kind of wrong did VR ever do to you
  6. xkm1948

    Top Three Intel 9th Generation Core Parts Detailed

    What about pricing?
  7. xkm1948

    VirtualLink: New Open Industry Standard for Next-Generation VR Headsets

    This is good news. Wonder when will these be implemented? Probably 12xx series Nvidia cards and actually 2nd gen VR HMDs.
  8. xkm1948

    [WTB] gpu low to middling AMD 3xx or NV 9xx

    Would a 5870 interest you my fellow feline? PM me if interested
  9. xkm1948

    Post your Cinebench Score

    My macbook air. Good to know you can run Cinebench on OSX. Also @T4C Fantasy the TR 1950X was done with a NZXT X62 AIO cooler, not air.
  10. xkm1948

    Post your Cinebench Score

    Updated with single core performance and opengl
  11. xkm1948

    Post your Cinebench Score

    Stock A10-6800K. Man these old APU sucks.
  12. xkm1948

    Flooding in Sichuan China Results in Massive Mining Equipment Damage

    I think they only photographed one of the BTC mines. Alternative coin mines using GPU are probably adjacent to this
  13. xkm1948

    Flooding in Sichuan China Results in Massive Mining Equipment Damage

    More pictures coming in along with some Google translated Chinese news. Appartently 70% of the world total crypto mining industry are in Sichuan, China. From the picture it seems the miner are already trying to clean up the GPU and turn them loose on 2nd hand markets. So yeah, watch out for...
  14. xkm1948

    is xiaomi reliable?

    Pretty good quality I gotta say. My sister has one and it is surprisely one of the least bloated android experience.
  15. xkm1948

    It's Called Marketing: AMD to Hold Threadripper Event in Partnership With Scuderia Ferrari

    TR2 here we go. Probably gonna be a solid 32c64t build right around launch time.