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    AMD RX 7900 XT Reportedly Brings 40% Performance Uplift Over RX 6900 XT

    :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) it went from 3x (which was actually 2.5x in the original article) to 40% so fast!
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    YouTube Updates Server Infrastructure With Custom ASICs for Video Transcoding

    wonder why google expected so long to do this...it is an obvious choice when you have such a specialized task on such a large scale to use asics.
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    GPU Memory Latency Tested on AMD's RDNA 2 and NVIDIA's Ampere Architecture

    AMD should thank a lot to TSMC for allowing them to add that much cache in such little space. Using cache is in general the lazy man way of solving things.
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    Intel 11th Gen "Rocket Lake" Pricing Already Going Down on Amazon

    sellers of 5000 series ryzen cpus won't adjust anything, cause there are many people that hate intel and love amd.
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    Intel 12th Generation Alder Lake Platform Reportedly Brings 20% Single-Threaded Performance Uplift

    Bullshit. If AMD came up with it first, you would approve it and say it is a great addition. If intel brings it first, neah, it ain't good.
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    Intel Could Rename its Semiconductor Nodes to Catch Up with the Industry

    Well, given the fact that intel 10nm has the same density and characteristics, presumably, as the TSMC 7nm, then I think it is well deserved to do so. Samsung 5nm is also similar to TSMC 7nm, so everyone is trying to seem better then they actually are and funny enough, Intel is the most...
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    Intel Core i5-11600K

    Let's not forget that the 10850k is 320$. But anyways, this cpu is quite nice. A bit lower in price and it'll sell well. Didn't mention AMD cause they have huge prices now. A 5600x costs more than a 10850k
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    Intel 12th Generation Alder Lake Platform Reportedly Brings 20% Single-Threaded Performance Uplift

    I like all the haters in the comments... If AMD would have come with X670 and PCie 5.0 and DDR5, oh boy, everyone would be extatic. If Intel is doing it, well, neah, it isn't needed, why bother with pcie 5, why do we need ddr5? It is expensive, blah blah blah. People, get real. Competition is...
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    Intel Prepares 19 Alder Lake Processors for Laptops Ranging from 5-55 Watts

    if this is hard how about the ryzen 5700u being a zen 2 cpu and 5800u being a zen 3? it is easy to judge
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    Intel Apparently Discounting 10th-Gen CPUs in Bid to Claw Market from AMD

    These are normal prices TBH. 10850k should be at 349$, 10700k at 249$, 10600k at 200$, etc. Lets not forget that these are refreshed and refreshed and refreshed 6th gen parts. Yep, TBH this is a great move from them since you want to keep the fabs moving, not stay idle and sell less and higher...
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    First Comprehensive Review of the Core i7-11700K (ES) Surfaces

    Something is not right in MT...
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    Samsung Exynos SoC with AMD RDNA GPU Destroys Competition, Apple 14 Bionic SoC Kneels

    Without power figures....this news is for idiots. An RX6900XT blows A14 out of the water...at 300W. So when I'll see that this SoC beats A14 at the same power consumption, then I'll buy it. But I seriously doubt it.
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    AMD is Allegedly Preparing Navi 31 GPU with Dual 80 CU Chiplet Design

    I find these articles so funny cause every single time AMD is announced to destroy the competition and after the product launches, no comment about it that it got beaten. Bit rumours start to circulate again about next gen being some sort of monster that will take over the competition. The end...
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    Intel CEO Bob Swan to Step Down Effective February

    Intel needs a few things: 1. the board needs to f*** shut up and let the CEO and engineering teams do their jobs; 2. the new CEO needs to collaborate, understand and come up with strategies and risks to take to get back up to speed; 3. process issues need to be fixed. Either by asking for help...
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    TrendForce: TSMC to Mass-Produce Select Intel Products, CPUs Starting 2021

    Highly doubt Intel will make i3 CPUs at TSMC 5nm in 2021... This news looks more like a stock influencing one, TBH. And 3nm in 2022/2023? Kidding, right? As far as I know, Intel will have 6nm chipsets with Alder Lake. But 5nm TSMC i3 cpus...sounds a bit far fetched. If this is true, then the...