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    Windows Vista UAC 'Nails' Rootkits

    Most would agree that Windows Vista's most obvious security feature, UAC, which asks a user for confirmation every time the computer decides to perform an administrative task, can become quite annoying. However, past whatever annoyance a user might perceive, it does have some very useful...
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    Survey Says: Internet Users Selfish, Impatient

    Every once in a while, a market research group or two will bother to determine just how the general populace of the internet will respond to certain types of media. This most recent market research shows that most people using the internet are more likely to possess the qualities of an ADHD...
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    Nintendo Wii Selling Extremely Well in Korea

    It would seem as though some countries have yet to even see the Nintendo Wii in store shelves. Stores in Korea began receiving the hip Nintendo console just last month, and so far, sales have been through the roof. Nintendo unleashed the Wii as a way to promote a profitable gaming industry in...
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    4870X2 to be Released in Q2 2008, Will be Cheaper Than GTX280

    I think they are talking in terms of fiscal years. The fiscal year starts sometime in March/April, so...August is prolly somewhere in Q2 FY2008 ;). I get what you're saying though. As said previously, it's all speculation at this point.
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    Age of Conan MMORPG Attracts 400k Gamers in First Week

    It would seem as though World of Warcraft finally has some competition when it comes to the very lucrative and addicting MMORPG enterprise. Since last Tuesday, over 400,000 MMORPG gamers have signed up for Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, nearly half of which come from North America. This is...
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    RIAA Drops Charges Against AllofMP3

    A Russian music downloading site/store used to sell music and did not give any money to the actual recording studios artists. And so, the RIAA sued. AllofMP3 changed their ways, was declared legal, and the smug RIAA gave AllofMP3 a pat on the back and sent it on its merry way. What's the news...
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    SuperPi Coming to Graphics Cards

    Despite the infamous SuperPi application being criticized as being "very simple, and horribly single-threaded", it is a very popular benchmarking application. And it has been quite the benchmark tool to measure just how amazing a certain persons CPU is. However, all that is about to change. A...
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    4870X2 to be Released in Q2 2008, Will be Cheaper Than GTX280

    I'm sure all of you guys know all the goodies that will be coming with the launch of the next series of high-end cards from AMD. In case you need a recap of the awesomeness headed our way, please check out the source link. Anyways, enough propoganda. For those of you who are interested in buying...
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    ASUS to Release EeePC as Desktop, Will Call it Ebox

    ASUS' plans to release a desktop version of the Eeepc have been known for quite some time now. However, that's all we really did know. Now, we can confirm that at least ASUS decided to name the desktop version of their fairly successful little laptop. ASUS has decided to call it the Ebox. Said...
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    Facebook Gives Users Commission to Become Salespeople; Spam Friends.

    My shipment of fail is bigger :D.
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    Facebook Gives Users Commission to Become Salespeople; Spam Friends.

    While a fair amount of Facebook users called it quits when they became sick of getting 10 emails every day begging said user to become a vampire or whatnot, it seems that Facebook users face a new issue. A new Facebook application, "affiliate window", allows users to earn a 1-5% commission...
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    New NVIDIA GeForce GTX280 Three Times Faster than HD 3870 in Folding@Home

    Just a couple days ago, we informed you that NVIDIA had joined the Folding@Home team. However, at the time, benchmarks for this new client were unavailable. I am now happy to inform you that (internal) benchmarks are available for your viewing pleasure. The rather large green bar was achieved...
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    Wine 1.0 Release Candidate 2 Available for Download

    Linux and Unix owners already know and love Wine. No, silly, not the red/white alcoholic beverage, the program. Wine, which has been in development for some time, is a program that allows Linux and Unix users to run Windows applications in a Linux/Unix environment. Wine is getting ever closer to...
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    Apple Shows Strong Growth, Captures 2/3 of Expensive PC Market

    Despite all the criticism Apple has gotten throughout the years, they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. While the United States has economic issues that might otherwise prevent an investment in expensive technology, and the rest of the world becomes more eco-friendly, Apple is happy...