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A game... by me (This could go in programming, but nyeh)

Dec 10, 2007
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Amen to that Bioshock was da bomb.
May 19, 2009
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Aug 10, 2006
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Have you answered this yet Ben?

Not sure if I did, but we're doing it on our own engine. Easier to get Steamworks in that way :D

And yes, there will be sneaking elements in there too.


@Flyordie - The screenshots were taken with DirectX 10. We're working on getting DX9 working on there. We THINK we got it working, but at the expense of us needing to re-do the DX10 implementation (note to self: never try coding on coffee again)
May 31, 2007
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looks great, sounds great, from the screen shots it almost looks like it could be a space station, it would be cool if it had that kind of eliment, if so what about some sort of exterior element to the game where you you are out side the structure in zero G enviroment.

how hard is it to implement a "perk" system to the game with some sort of character development of when you can set up you character when you start, im thinking of effecting things like how much crap you can carry, it might limit what weapons you can and cant use, ect (so you can be the stelathy ninja or the run and gun tank, that way it appeals to more player types

(i know all of this has been done before in games, buts it would be imposible to create a totaly "NEW" game that has never been done before)

any way best of luck. its something i could never do

just thinking about npc's ect, it would be awesome to see (still with the space idear :p) at some point where talking to a npc prob at the start determins if you are like a good guy or a bad guy, it could still use the same levels just determins who is friend and who is foe, or even (space idear again) what direction the ship goes (do we go home and abandon the mission, or do we push on to colonise the new world

(geez i have way too much time at work o just sit here and tink about this stuff (all i want to see in pc games is a real military sim with real ballistics and wind drift, or a good spacy game like ive said above)

back to work i go now
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