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Custom XeSS scaling factors

Feb 24, 2023
834 (3.84/day)
System Name DLSS / deeZnuts490
Processor Ryzen 7 7700X / i7-11700 ES (QVYE)
Motherboard nada / Gigabyte Z490 Vision D
Cooling ID-Cooling IS-50X / Gammaxx 400
Memory nada / 2x8 GB
Video Card(s) RX 6700 XT [shared] / RX 480 8 GB Reference [backup]
Storage More than enough.
Display(s) Viewsonic VX3276-MHD-2 and No-name 43" 4K TV [shared]
Case In construction / Matrexx 55
Audio Device(s) Want loud, use headphones. Want quiet, use satellites.
Power Supply Gerrymandering.
Mouse Don't disturb, cheese eating in progress...
Keyboard Makes some noise. Probably onto something.
VR HMD I live in real reality and don't need a virtual one.
Software Windows 10
As a complete programming/coding/software engineering/you name it noob I'm asking a question on how do I intrude the XeSS library in order to add my custom mode so I could know if this mode makes any sense "in person."

The particular game I'm trying to affect is Cyberpunk 2077.
Performance mode of XeSS brings not enough performance (this is where I start to regret buying an RX 6700 XT and not saving some scratch for a 3080). Playing at 4K and as for my liking, it still makes sense to upscale from 33% (and not 50% in Performance mode) since I want consistent 60 FPS.

Please don't tell me to use FSR. It's disgusting in this particular game.
Please don't tell me to use lower resolutions. They are more disgusting than FSR and XeSS combined on my 43" TV.