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Oct 5, 2015 at 10:51 PM
Dec 5, 2007
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Oct 5, 2015 at 10:51 PM
    1. manofthem
      Thanks for your contribution to the Crysis 3 giveaway! :respect:
    2. dark2099
      you avatars of hot cubs chicks are better than the team
    3. t77snapshot
      I like your avatar of avatar:laugh:
    4. kenkickr
      Thanks. Believe it or not I pulled it off a website that was talkin about the new Avator parody pron
    5. mlee49
      OMG your avvy killed me! Awesomeness to the max!
    6. JrRacinFan
      Congrats on quit smokin! :D It's a tough habit to quit. Having a hard time myself. I switched out my ram and fixed a problem I was having, that's why you see a sudden spike from me. My pump for watercooling would kick in and out. So I sold all my watercooling stuff and threw away the pump.

      Picked up a 2nd GTS with the cash.
    7. JrRacinFan
      <Friendly motivation>
      C'mon man!! I've got 2 days estimated for overtake on you @ Free DC Stats in crunching.
    8. AphexDreamer
      Awwww... I clicked on the chick in hopes of enlarging the picture, just my luck. :(
    9. t77snapshot
      I just got my hdd in from Seagate, they rebuilt the drive and it works great! Thanks again for all your help:toast:
    10. Shadowdust
      Sure, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!
    11. kenkickr
      Out of a 100? J/K There are some fine Illinoian women all over IL.
    12. ChiSox
      She'd be a 10 if she was wearing a White Sox jersey but Chicago girls are FINE!!!!!
    13. kenkickr
      She's just a picture I found. I've decided for the baseball season I'm going to put up a different Cubs girl each month so stay tuned.
    14. shk021051
      who is in your avatar?
      she is sexy!
    15. WarEagleAU
      hell yeah she is and Im loving the whole change of the guard with it!!

      Take her and the cubs jersey and have a real good time!
    16. kenkickr
      I wish I knew cause I'd dump my girlfriend just so I could try and get that cubs jersey off her. J/K I don't know but she is damn fine!
    17. WarEagleAU
      Who is the hot chick in the avatar. I love her for being a die hard cubs fan, like me, only a hell of a lot sexier.
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    Motherboard: MSI X79 Big Bang (2.8 bios)/ MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 / MSI I87/ MSI A88X-G43
    Cooling: Custom H2O / Air /Corsair H100/ Corsair H55
    Memory: 32Gb(4x8Gb) Adata 1600@2133 11-13-13-30 /8Gb Samsung Gr/ 8Gb G. Skill/ 8Gb G. Skill
    Video Card(s): GTX 970 SLI / APU / R9 270/ APU
    Hard Disk(s): Samsung 840 Evo 500GB / 120Gb Sandisk /Kingston 120gb SSD+ 500Gb Hybrid/ Corsair 120gb SSD
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    Case: Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra / Antec Minuet / Biftfenix Prodigy/ Antec 1200
    Sound Card: SoundBlaster / AMD HDMI / Realtek HD/ Realtek HD
    Power Supply: Cougar 1000W / Antec 300W / Rosewill Hive 750/ Corsair HX 1000
    Software: Win 8.1 Pro/ Win 7 Pro / Win 8.1 Pro/ Win 7 Pro