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Why and when should you flash gpu BIOS

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by CAPSLOCKSTUCK, Apr 8, 2013.

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    BIOS related problem with the card. For example, I have a Sapphire card that was unstable at factory overclocks, RMA'd it twice and it is still unstable. The warranty expired so I flashed the card to a newer, HD 5870 spec clocks and the card has been stable since.

    No. I would only flash when the card is outside of warranty and by then, there should only be a handful of BIOS that are suitable and stable for the card. If the card is stable, there's no reason to update it.
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    Oct 23, 2013
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    In Feb 2010 I had a custom system made, which also included a sapphire 5970. From practically day one the card produced random artifacts in 2D. Complained the shop and they eventual sent it back, olny for the card to be returned, stating thre was no fault. Well that was cr#p, that day more random 2D artifacts.

    I have not over clocked the card, its remained on factory settings. I only have started using the fans because it seems to get hot even in 2D mode. Between 55 - 59C is not uncommon. Then I hit it with the fans to cool it down. I also have a Antec 910 box and that has a heap of fan cooling so, it shouldn't be over heating. I clean the box and fans on a regular basis. I also have 1000w Corsair PSU, so it's not a PSU issue either.

    I'm not a hardcore gamer, I merely like to playing games with all eye candy on. Since then I have all but gave up and have frustratingly put up with this issue. I still use the system and recent updated to Win7. However the problems have since got a lot worse since the updated OS. Albeit the card is no longer hot property but it still meets my needs. Plus I'm not cashed up enough to just dump the card and buy another.

    Now not only do the 2D artifacts plague me but now the card is freezing too. When I pull up the cards Cpanel, the clock speeds are showing those which should only run in 3D mode. Most times it resets itself but others it give a BSOD. That's a total PITA when you lose stuff.

    I'm not savvy with flashing bios, the last thing I flashed was in win 98 (well over 12+ years ago). Now with Win7 I'm totally clueless. So I'd like to get this issue fixed. Could someone give me some newbie tips and or point me to a link where it shows a step by step on how to flash this bios in Win7, thanks :)

    I guess a safer option is, take it to the PC shop and get the tech to flash it.
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    If the BIOS update is from the manufacturer, you SHOULD do it according to the instructions.
    The college in which I study gave each of us a laptop(HP 430). In its previous BIOS versions, it had a serious issue that the BIOS automatically got corrupted and recovery was impossible. Under warranty, the company changed the motherboards. But after the warranty period expired, many students who had not updated their BIOS had to dispose off their laptops because of the issue as HP was charging a ridiculous amount for replacing the motherboard. I updated the BIOS and so did many of my friends as I told them the importance. All of our laptops are running butter smooth and not a single Indian Rupee has been spent for those laptops. :)
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    I'm always flashing the BIOS. Started with my GTX680 using Nvidia BIOS tweaker, did it for XFX 7950DD's and now HIS ICEq 7950's. Although most things can be set in Afterburner etc, sometimes it does strange things, like set the GPU voltage high for 2D and 3D. Also flashing the BIOS get's rid of that ridiculous AMD boost, 1.25v for 925MHz, WTH! Then it constantly throttles down to 850MHz! No thanks, I set 1.1v core and run at 1000MHz core and 6000-7000memory, nice and fast but cool running too. You can flash a nice fan profile too. If you need a bit more grunt, a nice 1150/7000 flash does the trick. The BIOS editing s/w is written by a guy on here, it works a treat. Best if you have a BIOS switch, just in case, but touch wood, in >50 BIOS flashes to 5 cards, never had an issue. But you need to know what you are doing.
  5. cmanning27


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    I've always stayed away from flashing vbios but decided to give it a go just to get rid of the gpu boost 2.0 crap. I flashed the bios on my titans yesterday using techinfernos bios and it's a night and day difference but daaaaannnggg was I nervous about trashing $2,000 lol. Yes, I saved my original bios. :)

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