Friday, April 24th 2020

AMD "Renoir" Successor is "Cézanne," Powered by "Zen 3" and RDNA2

AMD's 7 nm "Renoir" silicon breathed life into the notebook processor market, by bringing 8-core/16-thread CPU performance into segments Intel reserved for 4-core/8-thread; and beat Intel in the iGPU performance front. 7 nm brought performance-Watt uplifts that spell serious competition for Intel across all notebook form factors, be it 15 W or 45 W. According to _rogame, who has a knack of getting far-out hardware rumors right, AMD has its successor on the drawing-board, and it's codenamed "Cézanne," after the French post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne.

"Cézanne" could prove vital for AMD's foothold in the premium mobile computing segments as Intel is preparing to launch its 10 nm+ "Tiger Lake" processor soon, with advanced "Willow Cove" CPU cores, and Xe based integrated graphics. AMD plans to tap into its very latest IP. Although its core-count is not known, "Cézanne" will feature CPU cores based on the latest "Zen 3" microarchitecture. The iGPU will receive its biggest performance uplift in 3 generations, with an iGPU based on the cutting-edge RDNA2 graphics architecture that meets DirectX 12 Ultimate logo requirements.
AMD is tapping into a refined 7 nm-class node by TSMC - either N7P or N7+ - for its "Zen 3" and RDNA2 architectures, so it's likely that Cézanne will be based on the same node as the CCDs on "Vermeer." AMD will create 15 W and 45 W product lines based on "Cézanne," so it can fight "Tiger Lake" on both segments. There's no word on launch date, but with Intel planning to debut "Tiger Lake" in mid-2020, and AMD planning to debut "Zen 3" in the 2H-2020, a 2020-21 launch window seems probable.
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