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Tuesday, August 4th 2020

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iBUYPOWER Announces the new Slate9050W Gaming PC

iBUYPOWER, a leading manufacturer of custom gaming PCs, today announced its all new Slate9050W prebuilt gaming system, available exclusively on Walmart.com and in Walmart stores across the United States. Armed with an Intel Core i5 9400F CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 6 GB graphics card the Slate9050W gaming PC will provide users looking for a new gaming rig with the efficiency and frame rates needed to dominate in the latest battle royal games. With a 240 GB SATA solid state drive and a 1 TB hard drive, the Slate9050W provides ample storage space for game files and streaming clips without creating a bottle neck in the system.

Housed in iBUYPOWER's latest Slate 4 case, featuring an RGB lit front panel and a tempered glass side panel, the Walmart exclusive Slate9050W provides gamers with a quintessential option for an affordable and aesthetically pleasing prebuilt gaming PC. To ensure the system runs cool during long hours of gameplay, the Slate9050W comes equipped with a standard Intel CPU air cooler and four 120 mm addressable RGB (ARGB) fans, one at the rear for exhaust and three mounted to the front, side of the system.

Mountain Launches Makalu 67 Gaming Mouse with PixArt PMW3370 Sensor - 19,000 dpi

Mountain, creator of innovative, premium peripherals with user-centric design to enable gamers to perform at their best, introduces its first ever gaming mouse, the light-weight Makalu 67, featuring PixArt's new flagship PMW3370 sensor with up to 19,000 DPI, 1-2 mm lift-off-distance and 0.5% error rate, significantly outperforming its predecessor 3389.

With only 67 g of weight, Makalu 67 offers a mid-to-large sized gaming mouse at the weight level of much smaller gaming mice, building upon a unique rib cage design that trims unnecessary weight while offering a rigid structure with maximum comfort. This has been achieved without sacrificing structural integrity. Makalu 67 is built to withstand 5 kg of force to avoid accidental button actuations by grabbing the body too tightly if things get a little heated.

QNAP Releases HybridMount 1.2, Enabling Users to Locally Mount Remote Server Folders

QNAP Systems, Inc., a leading computing, networking and storage solution innovator, today released HybridMount 1.2, which allows users to mount folders from remote servers on a local NAS to act as local shared folders. HybridMount allows NAS users to access mounted remote folders based on local access rights, making it an ideal remote file sharing solution for multi-site workplaces and international companies.

"Remote folders that were mounted on a local NAS through HybridMount were previously only accessible to those who performed the mounting task. From HybridMount 1.2, IT staff can set access permissions to mounted remote folders for local users, allowing their entire organization to benefit from greater file sharing convenience and coordinated access to cloud-based files," said Josh Chen, Product Manager of QNAP.

Azza Introduces The Pyramid Mini 806 Mini-ITX Case

Azza have recently announced their latest case the Pyramid Mini 806, a peculiar Mini-ITX chassis with a sleek pyramid design. The Pyramid Mini 806 is a smaller version of the very similar Azza Pyramid 804 case which could accommodate up to ATX sized motherboards. This new model features an aluminium design with quad tempered glass side panels. The case features a tiered design with the motherboard on the middle level above the SFX power supply and graphics card, while the top layer houses the included 120 mm RGB Hurricane II fan. The case has room for just 2 2.5" drives and comes with a small front I/O panel consisting of a single USB 3.0 Type-A port, power button, and HD Audio connector. The case is set for a November 2020 release with early listings putting the price at €249.90 (~295 USD).

Microsoft Announces Overhauled Microsoft Store on Xbox

Microsoft has recently announced a completely rebuilt store for Xbox One. The new Microsoft Store on Xbox has been designed to be run twice as fast as before with launch times of under two seconds. The store has gained a new navigation system which makes it easier to find specific content along with a revamped search feature that offers more filter options. The wish list and checkout features have been updated to increase transparency and help keep track of game pricing. The new store also incorporates advanced safety features which ensure potentially inappropriate content is hidden for child and content restricted accounts. The new Microsoft Store on Xbox will be progressively rolling out to Xbox Insiders starting August 5 before a complete rollout this fall.

Das Keyboard Launches Worldwide Ultimate Typing Championship in Celebration of 15th Birthday

In honor of its 15th birthday, Das Keyboard, the leader in high-end mechanical keyboards, today announced the launch of its second Ultimate Typing Championship competition to find the fastest and most talented typists across the globe.

The online typing competition will host thousands of talented typists over the age of 13 from around the world to compete for a chance to make history and be crowned the Ultimate Typing Champion. Contestants will race online using the TyprX competitive typing website to record their fastest words-per-minute (WPM) typing speeds. Twenty-five of the fastest typists in the world will be invited to compete in the live-streamed event on August 22nd. In addition to competing for speed, this year's competition will contain unique challenges that will test a variety of typing skills and provide entertainment for viewers of all ages.

Penguin Computing Packs 7616 Intel Xeon Platinum Cores in one Server Rack

In data centers of hyperscalers like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and ones alike, there is a massive need for more computing power. Being that data centers are space-limited facilities, it is beneficial if there is a system that can pack as much computing power as possible, in a smaller form factor. Penguin Computing has thought exactly about this problem and has decided to launch a TundraAP platform, designed specifically as a high-density CPU system. Using an Intel Xeon Platinum 9200 processor, the company utilizes Intel's processor with the highest core count - 56 cores spread on two dies, brought together by a single BGA package.

The Penguin Computing TundraAP system relies on Intel's S9200WK server system. In a 1U server, Penguin Computing puts two of those in one system, with a twist. The company implements a power disaggregation system, which is designed to handle and remove the heat coming from those 400 W TPD monster processors. This means that the PSU is moved from the server itself and moved on a special rack, so the heat from the CPUs wouldn't affect PSUs. The company uses Open Compute Project standards and says it improves efficiency by 15%. To cool those chips, Penguin Computing uses a direct-to-chip liquid cooling system. And if you are wondering how much cores the company can fit in a rack, look no further as it is possible to have as much as 7616 Xeon Platinum cores in just one rack. This is a huge achievement as the density is quite big. The custom cooling and power delivery system that the company built enabled this, by only allowing compute elements to be present in the system.

Epic Games Announces Support for Cars in the Latest Fortnite Update

Today, on the official Twitter account of Fortnite game, Epic Games made an announcement that the game will receive an update on the 5th of August (tomorrow), that will bring some new features. Titled Joy Ride update, Epic Games promises that it will bring car support with it. In a tweet, the company says that "It's not just a name. It's a warning.", where it is referring to the Joy Ride update and the fact that it is going to change the gameplay dynamics of the game. So far, the only way to travel in-game on the ground was by foot, meaning that a car update will improve the speed of moving a lot. Let us know your thought on this update in the comments down below.
Fortinte Joy Ride Update

Abkoncore Intros AL700 SYNC Full-Tower Case

Abkoncore today introduced the AL700 SYNC, an ATX full-tower case characterized by an asymmetric front design. A longer design element cuts the front somewhat diagonally, right to left; while a smaller one runs left to right towards the center. One half of the case has a matte silver aluminium finish, while the other indented half appears to have ridges that conceal fan intakes. The diagonal line of indentation conceals an ARGB LED element. Both the right- and left side panels are made of 4 mm-thick tinted tempered glass. Inside the Abkoncore AL700 SYNC, you get a conventional horizontally-partitioned layout. The upper partition with the motherboard tray serves up room for graphics cards up to 40.5 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 17 cm in height.

The motherboard tray also features a graphics card reinforcement that can be aligned with any expansion slot. You get 8 conventional and 2 perpendicular expansion slots (riser not included). Storage features include two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch trays, and two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive mounts behind the motherboard tray. Ventilation includes three each of 120 mm vents along the front- and top panels, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. Three front- and one rear (pre-installed) HR120 ARGB fans are included, as is an 8-channel ARGB controller. Front panel connectivity includes two USB 3.x type-A, one type-C, and HDA jacks. Measuring 455 mm x 490 mm x 232 mm (DxHxW), the case dry-weighs 13.6 kg. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Samsung Joins Arm Foray, Eyes Stakes Instead of Buyout

Samsung Electronics has joined the race to buy at least a slice of Arm Holdings from Japan's SoftBank, if not an all-out acquisition bid like the one from NVIDIA. According to a report by The Korea Times, As of now, the Korean semiconductor giant, which is also an Arm licensee like NVIDIA, is eying a tiny 3-5 percent take in Arm Holdings. A top industry official on condition of anonymity told the Korean paper, that Arm is likely to be acquired by a consortium of multiple companies from the semiconductor industry, given the complex shareholding pattern of Arm Holdings.

It is hence likely that NVIDIA's rival isn't directly Samsung, but rather an amorphous consortium that includes it. At the outset, Samsung's stake purchase could raise the valuation of Arm, making it that much more difficult for NVIDIA. The same official also comments on the uphill battle NVIDIA faces in its Arm bid, and doubted the company's financial prowess to pull something like this off. "NVIDIA won't become the sole suitor for Arm as the company needs to win approvals from fair trade authorities in countries that are doing business with the British company. I think it will be difficult for NVIDIA to gain approval from any of those authorities," he said.
Monday, August 3rd 2020
Chieftronic PowerPlay 750 W Review

Chieftronic PowerPlay 750 W Review

The Chieftronic PowerPlay 750 W uses a good CWT platform that is also utilized by Corsair's RM line. Build quality is high and overall performance satisfactory. There is only one EPS connector, though, which can result in compatibility issues with several high-end mainboards requiring more juice for the CPU VRM.

QNAP Launches QuTScloud, a Virtual NAS Solution for Running QTS on Server Virtualization Platforms

QNAP Systems, Inc. (QNAP), a leading computing, networking, and storage solution innovator, today announced that the QuTScloud, a virtual appliance based on QTS NAS operating system, supports server virtualization platforms. QuTScloud is available through license subscription and can be implemented on enterprises' private data centers as a virtual machine that is hosted on hypervisors, including Linux KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware ESXi, as well as on a QNAP NAS (via VM Marketplace in Virtualization Station).

With QuTScloud, organizations can set up a virtual NAS on their existing on-premise data centers to easily acquire multiple advanced NAS features without the need for additional investments in NAS hardware. In addition to saving costs, energy, and storage space, QuTScloud provides a perfect storage gateway for enterprises looking for private and hybrid cloud solutions.

Intel 8-core "Tiger Lake-H" Coming in 2021: Leaked Compal Document

Intel is preparing to launch an 8-core mobile processor based on its 10 nm "Tiger Lake" microarchitecture, according to a corporate memo by leading notebook OEM Compal, which serves major notebook brands such as Acer. The memo was drafted in May, but unearthed by momomo_us. Compal expects Intel to launch the 8-core "Tiger Lake-H" processor in Q1 2021. This is big, as it would be the first large 10 nm client-segment silicon that goes beyond 4 cores. The company's first 10 nm client silicon, "Ice Lake," as well as the "Tiger Lake-U" silicon that's right around the corner, feature up to 4 cores. As an H-segment part, the new 8-core processor could target TDPs in the range of 35-45 W, and notebooks in the "conventional thickness" form-factor, as well as premium gaming notebooks and mobile workstations.

The 8-core "Tiger Lake-H" silicon is the first real sign of Intel's 10 nm yields improving. Up until now, Intel confined 10 nm to the U- and Y-segments (15 W and below), addressing only ultra-portable form-factors. Even here, Intel launched U-segment 14 nm "Comet Lake" parts at competitive prices, to take the market demand off "Ice Lake-U." The H-segment has been exclusively held by "Comet Lake-H." Intel is planning to launch "Ice Lake-SP" Xeon processors later this year, but like all server parts, these are high-margin + low-volume parts. Compal says Intel will refresh the H-segment with a newer 8-core "Comet Lake-H" part in the second half of 2020, possibly to bolster the high-end against the likes of AMD's Ryzen 9 4900H. Later in 2021, Intel is expected to introduce its 10 nm "Alder Lake" processor, including a mobile variant. These processors will feature Hybrid technology, combining "Golden Cove" big CPU cores with "Gracemont" small ones.

AOC Announces the AGON AG273QXP and AG251FZ2E Monitors

AOC today announced two new monitors for its high-performance AGON branding. The AOC AGON AG273QXP is a 27", Nano IPS affair with its 1440p resolution pixels ticking at a 165 Hz refresh rate (and 1 ms response time,s no less). FreeSync Premium is in the cards, with the 16:9 panel offering a very impressive 133% sRGB and 98% of both AdobeRGB and DCI-P3 gamut coverage. Brigthness is set at a typical 350 cd/m², which means only HDR support (and not HDR display). The stand offers pivot, rotation, swivel and tilt adjustments, and boasts of a 75 mm VESA mount support. The back of the monitor features RGB ambient lighting, and I/O-wise, we're looking at 2x DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0, a USB-hub with 2x USB 3.2 ports, 1x 3.5 mm headphone jack and no speakers. The AOC AGON AG273QXP will retail for 489€.

The second monitor is the AOC AGON AG251FZ2E. It sports a 24,5" TN panel with 1080p resolution, running at a 240 Hz refresh rate. The typical 1 ms response time can be further reduced to 0.5 ms due to black frame insertion and strobe lighting. brightness is slightly higher at 400 cd/m², though there is, again, no HDR display (and not even support, if specs are correct). Color coverage on the TN panel is objectively and expectedly worse than that of the Nano IPS entrant to the AGON brand, with only 102% sRGB/BT.709 coverage for the AGON AG251FZ2E. I/O is ensured by 2x DisplayPort 1.2, 1x HDMI 2.0, 1x HDMI 1.4, 1x DVI, 1x VGA, 1x 3.5 mm, and a USB hub of 4x USB 3.0 ports. Pivot, rotation, swivel and tilt adjustments are available for the stand (the one with a single base plate in the pictures below), as is a 100 mm VESA mount support. The AOC AGON AG251FZ2E will retail for €409.

XMG Announces Serious Constraints on AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Supply, Could Extend to Industry

XMG, a well-known gaming brand for high performance laptops and PCs that operates under Schenker Technologies has announced via a Reddit post that it is facing serious constraints in AMD Ryzen 7 4800H supply. This has meant a delay for parts that were expected to be fulfilled in August, which now have an expected delivery date by late September. The company is offering a number of alternatives for users that may want to change their order in wake of the delay, including a chip downgrade (for AMD's Ryzen 4600H), a CPU manufacturer swap (to Intel's Core i7-10750H), a battery downgrade from 62Wh to 46Wh (with laptops being likely manufactured by two different ODMs in this case), or a full refund.

The company says that this has been caused, in part, by an upsurge in demand for AMD Ryzen 4800H CPUs, not only form customers, but also from some leading brands with a much more sizeable portion of the ODM market, who have apparently caught wind of the technological prowess of AMD's most recent 4000 series CPUs compared to Intel's. It can be also speculated that this supply constraint is being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still straining logistics and shipments across the globe, but also by insufficient supply to meet demand. This can be explained by the fact that most tech companies are fabless, and most semiconductor designers have to fight for TSMC's allocation for 7 nm silicon production - and there are only so many wafers that can be allocated to each company at the outset. Perhaps AMD's allocation is also favoring other renditions of their Zen silicon (ie, custom designs for the next-generation consoles and other higher-margin products).

GIGABYTE AORUS ATC800 CPU Cooler Tested for i9-10900K 5.10 GHz All-Core OC

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards graphics cards, and hardware solutions, today announced AORUS ATC800 tower fan which is specially designed for multi-core processors, features stack fins, 6 Direct Touch Heatpipes that are each 6 mm in diameter, as well as a dual ball bearing structure, dual fan, and a unique fan blade design. It delivers superior heat dissipation TDP suppression for overclocking the Intel Core i9-10900K CPUs to all cores at 5.10 GHz under a Prime 95 burning-in test. AORUS ATC800 also integrates smart CPU temp/RPM light indicators for users to easily manage the system dissipation condition.

"Our liquid cooling products with i9 10900K CPU have accomplished all-core at 5.20 GHz under the burn-in test, which is attractive to many users. However, there are also comparatively more constraints on liquid cooling to make users hesitate" stated Jackson Hsu, Director of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division. "GIGABYTE AORUS ATC800 tower fan makes use of fin thermal pad, 6 Direct-Touch Heatpipes, each 6 mm in diameter, dual ball bearing structure, and our unique fan blade design, for superior heat dissipation. All of these features are not only designed for users to overclock their Intel Core i9-10900K CPUs to all cores at 5.10 GHz under the Prime 95 burn-in test, but definitely fulfills all kinds of needs for CPU heat dissipation. The easy display of the temperature function and fashionable appearance are also essential to why people are enthusiastic for AORUS."

HyperX Releases Cloud Core Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., today announced the release of the HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset with 7.1 surround sound for PC and PS4 gamers. Expanding HyperX's impressive headset lineup, the Cloud Core Gaming Headset + 7.1 features virtual 7.1 surround sound for clear positional audio and a more immersive gaming experience. Plus, with HyperX's signature Cloud DNA, the new headset offers the comfort, durability and sound to fit a range of gaming - or today's virtual classroom meeting - needs at a competitive price point.

The HyperX Cloud Core + 7.1 features an advanced audio control box for convenient controls of headset volume, mic volume, mic mute, and an easily accessible toggle for turning 7.1 surround sound on and off. The Cloud Core Gaming Headset + 7.1 also offers multi-platform compatibility with a USB audio control box for PC and PS4 and offers a 3.5 mm connection for platforms with a 3.5 mm port.

ZALMAN Intros CNPS4X RGB Entry Level Tower-type CPU Cooler

ZALMAN today refreshed its entry-level tower-type CPU cooler, the CNPS4X, to keep up with the times - RGB LED illumination, with the introduction of the new CNPS4X RGB. A classic tower-type CPU cooler, the CNPS4X RGB features an aluminium fin-stack to which heat is conveyed by two 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes that make direct contact with the CPU at the base; ventilated by an included 92 mm fan. The fan takes in 4-pin PWM connection for its main function, spins between 1,000-2,000 RPM, pushing up to 44 CFM of air with 1.77 mm H₂O static pressure, and a durable bearing that's rated for 50,000 hours. The cooler supports sockets LGA1200, LGA115x, and AM4. The CNPS4X RGB stands 13.2 cm tall, and weighs 360 g. ZALMAN rates the cooler as being capable of handling thermal loads of up to 95 W. The company didn't reveal pricing.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Appoints David Reeder as Chief Financial Officer

GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF ) today announced the appointment of David Reeder as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). David will draw on his more than 20 years of global financial and executive management experience with public and private companies to support GF's growth and continued success as the world's leading specialty foundry as well as accelerate the company's journey to IPO.

Reeder brings with him an extensive background including experience in corporate finance, strategic planning, operations, investor relations, and risk management along with CEO and CFO experience at four different companies, both private and publicly-held.

Reeder has served in senior finance and operations positions in global high technology companies including Texas Instruments, Broadcom, Cisco and Electronics for Imaging (EFI). Most recently, Reeder served as CFO and as CEO of Lexmark International, a $4 billion publicly-traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and as CEO of Tower Hill Insurance Group. As a global citizen, David has spent time in leadership roles in Malaysia, Singapore, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Analog Devices Collaborates with Intel on Radio Platform for Addressing 5G Network Design Challenges

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) today announced its collaboration with Intel Corporation to create a flexible radio platform that addresses 5G network design challenges and will enable customers to scale their 5G networks more quickly and economically. The new radio platform combines the advanced technology of ADI's radio frequency (RF) transceivers with the high performance and low power of Intel Arria 10 Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) giving developers a new set of design tools for more easily creating optimized 5G solutions.

The communications market is moving at a rapid pace to keep up with the strains put on bandwidth and latency as more people transact business digitally and consume and transmit data from everywhere. A significant increase in traffic over existing wireless networks is occurring in both private networks and public spaces. As a result, wireless operators are looking to shorten development times and cost-effectively implement new solutions that increase the capacity, performance and reliability of 5G networks. Through a mix of open standards and existing communication links, mobile network operators are developing a broader set of specifications and supporting a growing span of use cases.

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CDKOffers is an international merchant of genuine, globally-valid discount software that you can use to minimize your genuine software costs, helping you spend more on hardware. As part of the site-wide seasonal sale, TechPowerUp readers have an opportunity to save even more by using an exclusive coupon at check-out. This helps you have Windows 10 Pro, ready to power your new PC build, for $13.97, and Windows 10 Home at $11.21. No home desktop is complete without Office. Pick from a variety of Genuine Office editions, such as Office 2016 Professional Plus for $40.94, or Office 2019 Professional Plus for $34.84. Better yet, combine your preferred edition of Windows and Office to save even more. CDKOffers uses PayPal, so you can shop with confidence.

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Corsair Intros Hydro X Series iCUE Custom Water Cooling Kits

Corsair today introduced the Hydro X series iCUE custom water cooling kits. These include the Hydro X Series iCUE XH305i, and the Hydro X Series iCUE XH303i. Both kits are nearly identical, differing with the included radiator fans and reservoirs. The XH305i kit includes an XC7 RGB CPU water block that supports AM4, LGA115x, and LGA1200 CPU socket types; an XR5 360 radiator, an XD5 pump+reservoir combo device, XL5 clear coolant, 3 m XT Hardline 10 mm and 14 mm tubing, eight Hardline 14 mm fittings, a pair of 90° rotary adapters, a 250 ml filling bottle, a Hardline tubing bending toolkit, a trio of QL 120 RGB fans, iCUE Commander PRO, and RGB Fan LED Hub. The XH303i is mostly similar to the XH305i, except that it includes a trio of SP 120 RGB PRO fans, and XD3 pump+radiator combo device. Corsair is pricing the Hydro X Series iCUE XH305i at 579.90€, while the XH303i is going for 499.90€. Corsair is also selling the Hardline Bending Toolkit for 49.90€.

Battletoads Launching August 20th on Xbox, Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass, & Steam

Xbox has recently announced the official launch date for Battletoads to be August 20th. The new Battletoads game was first unveiled back at E3 2018 followed up with a gameplay trailer at E3 2019 and a playable demo at Microsoft's Xbox X019 convention. The release date announcement also came with a new trailer showcasing new gameplay and levels. This release will be the first new entry in the series in over 26 years with the last game Battletoads Arcade releasing in 1994. Battletoads will be available on Xbox, Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass, and Steam.
The Battletoads are back! Join Rash, Zitz and Pimple as they smash, stomp, drill, turbo bike, leap, shoot and generally be toadally awesome in their all-new, action-packed, multi-genre adventure of choreographed chaos!

EA's Move to Steam Makes its Games the Most Played on the Platform

EA has recently decided to break away from the exclusivity of its games on Origin game launches and started to offer some games on Valve's Steam gaming platform. The move has turned out to be quite substantial for EA and Valve just reported some big news. Out of the top 20 best-selling games on Steam for the month of July, EA games accounted for eight of them. This rather massive share is all thanks to the new markets EA opened themselves to. Without a doubt, Steam is still the world's biggest gaming platform, so it was a smart move to expand the availability of games to it. The financial gains follow as well. EA saw a massive 74% surge in PC revenue it is a quarterly report, all thanks to expansion to Steam.

Microsoft Confirms VR Support Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator In Future Update

Microsoft has recently confirmed plans to bring VR support to their upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator which is set to launch August 18th. VR support won't be available at launch and will instead be releasing as a free update beginning fall 2020. This update will bring VR support to all Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets and coincides with the launch of the HP Reverb G2. Microsoft plans to support additional platforms/headsets in the future. Microsoft also announced that the popular optical motion tracking TrackIR system will be supported at launch.

Intel Accused of Infringing FinFET Patents of the Microelectronics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Today we are finding out that Intel has allegedly infringed FinFET patents of Microelectronics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. On July 28th, the patent review committee has heard an application that accuses Intel of violating a patent 201110240931.5 commonly referred to as FinFET patent. The patent dates back to 2011, and it comes from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, mainly Microelectronics Institute. The Chinese patent holders are asking for as much as 200 million yuan, which roughly translates to 28,664,380 US dollars. Given that this patent infringement is a major one for Intel, it is sure that a company will be pursued extensively in court. All of the Intel's semiconductors use FinFET technology, and if this is true, the violation is rather big. For more in detail reading, please refer to the source which goes through the history of Intel and Microelectronics Institute patent violation filing.
Intel 3rd generation FInFETs

EK Releases Unique Distro Plate Solutions For LIAN LI Desk Cases

EK, the premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is launching three new Quantum distro plates, designed explicitly for LIAN LI DK-05F and DK-04F desk cases. This new series of distro plates consists of two pumpless, front-mounted manifolds which are connected directly to the EK-Quantum Reflection Uni 140 D5 PWM D-RGB. These waterways bring rich D-RGB lighting implementation and a lot of connection ports to satisfy any tube routing configuration for your Lian Li desk PC.

The EK-Quantum Reflection distribution plates are available for pre-order through the EK Webshop and partner reseller network. These products are estimated to ship out on August 20, 2020.
Sunday, August 2nd 2020

FSP Signs Partnership With New Distributor for Availability Across Russia and Ukraine

FSP, one of the world's leading power supply manufacturers, is pleased to announce a newly signed contract with FPS (FSP Power Solutions Gmbh) to market and distribute a range of FSP products across Russia & Ukraine. FPS will officially become the only business partner across Russia & Ukraine for FSP's products. The new agreement will create a solid foundation in Russia & Ukraine and cover product information, warranty, product enquiries, and contact information of the new partner.

FPS and ELKO Group will establish a strategic partnership for the region and have already successfully launched into key markets with the following: Region New Exclusive PSU for Desktop PC - FSP PNR PRO, Retail PSU for Gamers, and Desktop PC Cases & UPS. FPS recognizes a huge potential in the market and plans to implement an aggressive marketing strategy which allows it to reinforce sales in the region.

ASUS Releases TUF Gaming VG279QL1A 27-inch Gaming Monitor

ASUS today released the TUF Gaming VG279QL1A, a 27-inch flat-screen gaming monitor with an IPS panel. Designed for high refresh-rate e-sports gaming, it offers Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution with 165 Hz refresh-rate, 1 ms (MPRT) response time, and support for AMD FreeSync Premium technology. It also features G-SYNC adaptive-sync capability, subject to NVIDIA adding support via graphics driver updates.

Other key panel specs include DisplayHDR 400 certification, 400 cd/m² maximum brightness, 178°/178° viewing angles, and 125% sRGB / DCI-P3 95% color saturation. You get a wide selection of ASUS-exclusive features such as GamePlus (crosshair overlay, FPS counter, display alignment), GameVisual (set of display presets specific to game genre), Shadow Boost, ELMB, and GameFast input. The display takes input from a pair of HDMI 2.0 ports, and DisplayPort 1.2a. Other features include 2 W stereo speakers, and headphones jack. The company didn't reveal pricing.
Friday, July 31st 2020

Today's Reviews

CPU Coolers

NVIDIA in Advanced Talks to Acquire Arm from SoftBank

It was reported last week that NVIDIA is "interested" in acquiring UK chip-design firm Arm from Japan's SoftBank that holds a treasure chest of tech IP. Now Bloomberg reports that things are getting serious between NVIDIA and SoftBank, with the two reportedly engaged in "advanced talks" over the possible acquisition of Arm by NVIDIA. The graphics and scalar compute giant recently surpassed Intel in market capitalization.

With a few quick moves, NVIDIA stands a real chance of displacing Intel as makers of the world's most popular CPU machine architecture, driven mainly by smartphones, tablets, networking infrastructure, wearables, and IoT devices. The Arm architecture is also taking strides into the server space, and Apple recently decided to dump Intel x86 in favor of Arm-powered homebrew SoCs. Arm could cost NVIDIA an arm and a leg. New Street Research LLP estimated Arm's valuation at USD $44 billion if its IPO took off in 2021, and as much as $68 billion by 2025.

ID-Cooling Introduces SE-914-XT Series CPU Air Cooler

ID-COOLING today announced SE-914-XT Series CPU air cooler, featuring a comparatively big heatsink in the section of 130 mm height. Both coolers have 4 direct-touch copper heatpipes, 92 mm PWM fan and newly designed metal-mecha mounting system which is proved user friendly on the previous SE-224-XT series. Model names are: SE-914-XT ARGB & SE-914-XT BASIC.

With a quite thick heatsink design, these two coolers are designed for a TDP max at 150 W. In a height of 131 mm for the ARGB version / 126 mm for the Basic version, they can fit very well into medium size cases. ARGB version has a black heatsink and a top ARGB cover while BASIC version has only a top black sticker for a stealthy look.

GameFun365 Breaks Cover with Genuine Software Promotions Month

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Atari VCS Games Will Retail For Under 25 USD

The Atari VCS is an upcoming 'hybrid' PC/game console releasing later this year, powered by a Ryzen R1606G APU paired with 8 GB DDR4 RAM and running a custom branch of Debian Linux aptly named Atari OS. The new device will face tough competition against the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 this holiday season priced at 279 USD. The device cannot compete in specifications, so Atari will target the niche boutique game market. The Atari store will cap games at 25 USD and initially focus on indie developers and retro games with plans to eventually offer AAA games down the line.
Michael Arzt
Titles in Atari's store are expected to be much more affordable, with prices ranging anywhere from $3 to $25, with no fees imposed by Atari for online access.

Antec Releases DF600 FLUX Mid-Tower Case

Antec Inc., a leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, announces a new mid-tower case of the brand new FLUX series, the DF600 FLUX. Well equipped with an industry-leading design of advanced ventilation, the first model of this new line is taking the thermal performance of gaming PCs to a new level. The DF600 FLUX will soon reach store shelves and online retail outlets in US with a competitive MSRP of 69.99 USD.

When Intel announced their latest 10th Gen CPU and AMD announced their new Ryzen 3 and 4 CPUs, they all deliver remarkable performance upgrades and better productivity, it also means the functional requirement of PC equipment needs to be taken to the next level, especially the thermal performance. To cope with the stress of enhanced heat dissipation, Antec developed a revolutionary structure for airflow, providing an improved and powerful cooling solution for the powerful system. The F-LUX Platform.

ENERMAX Launches MarbleShell RGB Computer Case Series

ENERMAX, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance PC hardware products, launches an addressable RGB computer case featuring modern front panel design, in which the dynamic lighting effects of the pre-installed addressable RGB intake fans will reflect from the gaps between the marble-styled front panel and deliver a stylish look. The MarbleShell series is designed with a tempered glass side panel and a multi-functional tunnel at the bottom which ensures a neat and tidy appearance inside the case. The series includes mini-tower and mid-tower versions; each version also has black and white colors available.

MarbleShell series offers 2 ways of addressable RGB lighting control, one is connecting with addressable RGB-enabled motherboards which users can control the lighting effects by the motherboards' software, the other is to select the pre-set 13 lighting effects by the top I/O port. This series further provides an integrated hub to keep 6 addressable RGB devices' lighting in sync.

Mad Catz Announces Shipping of R.A.T. 8+ ADV High-Performance Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz Global Limited, the leading innovators in gaming hardware, is excited to announce that highly anticipated R.A.T. 8+ ADV high-performance mouse is now shipping. A flagship product in the R.A.T. range, the R.A.T. 8+ ADV features a wealth of uniquely customizable components and best-in-class technology designed for the competitive gamer and engineered to bring out the very best in gamers' abilities.

Featuring the top-of-the-range Pixart PMW 3389 PRO optical sensor, the R.A.T. 8+ ADV blows the competition away, able to perform at an extreme 20000 DPI with movement speeds of up to 400 inches per second, and 50G of acceleration. The R.A.T. 8+ ADV includes high-durability switches, providing a life expectancy of more than 60 million clicks, ensuring that your gaming mouse never lets you down in the heat of the battle.

AMD Radeon MI100 "Arcturus" Alleged Specification Listed, the GPU Could be Coming in December

AMD has been preparing to launch its MI100 accelerator and fight NVIDIA's A100 Ampere GPU in machine learning and AI horizon, and generally compute-intensive workloads. According to some news sources over at AdoredTV, the GPU alleged specifications were listed, along with some slides about the GPU which should be presented at the launch. So to start, this is what we have on the new Radeon MI100 "Arcturus" GPU based on CDNA architecture. The alleged specifications mention that the GPU will feature 120 Compute Units (CUs), meaning that if the GPU keeps the 64-core per CU configuration, we are looking at 7680 cores powered by CDNA architecture.

The leaked slide mentions that the GPU can put out as much as 42 TeraFLOPs of FP32, single-precision compute. This makes it more than twice as fast compared to NVIDIA's A100 GPU at FP32 workloads. To achieve that, the card would need to have all of its 7680 cores running at 2.75 GHz, which would be a bit high number. On the same slide, the GPU is claimed to have 9.5 TeraFLOPs of FP64 dual-precision performance, while the FP16 power is going to be around 150 TeraFLOPs. For comparison, the A100 GPU from NVIDIA features 9.7 TeraFLOPS of FP64, 19.5 TeraFLOPS of FP32, and 312 (or 634 with sparsity enabled) TeraFLOPs of FP16 compute. AMD GPU is allegedly only more powerful for FP32 workloads, where it outperforms the NVIDIA card by 2.4 times. And if that is really the case, AMD has found its niche in the HPC sector, and it plans to dominate there. According to AdoredTV sources, the GPU could be coming in December of this year.

Matrox D1450 Graphics Card for High-Density Output Video Walls Now Shipping

Matrox is pleased to announce that the Matrox D-Series D1450 multi-display graphics card is now shipping. Purpose-built to power next-generation video walls, this new single-slot, quad-4K HDMI graphics card enables OEMs, system integrators, and AV installers to easily combine multiple D1450 boards to quickly deploy high-density-output video walls of up 16 synchronized 4K displays. Along with a rich assortment of video wall software and developer tools for advanced custom control and application development, D1450 is ideal for a broad range of commercial and critical 24/7 applications, including control rooms, enterprises, industries, government, military, digital signage, broadcast, and more.
Advanced capabilities

Backed by innovative technology and deep industry expertise, D1450 delivers exceptional video and graphics performance on up to four 4K HDMI monitors from a single-slot card. OEMs, system integrators, and AV professionals can easily add—and synchronize—displays by framelocking up to four D-Series cards via board-to-board framelock cables. In addition, D1450 offers HDCP support to display copy-protected content, as well as Microsoft DirectX 12 and OpenGL support to run the latest professional applications.

ASRock Launches the Radeon RX 5700 XT Challenger Pro 8G OC Graphics Card

The leading global motherboard, graphics card and mini PC manufacturer, ASRock, has launched Radeon RX 5700 XT Challenger Pro 8G OC three-fan graphics card. The graphics card is powered by the AMD advanced 7 nm RDNA architecture, features new Compute Units delivering incredible performance and is optimized for better visual effects such as volumetric lighting, blur effects, depth of field, and multi-level cache hierarchy for reduced latency and highly responsive gaming.

The AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT series graphics card takes 1080p gaming to the next level, delivering ultra-responsive, high-fidelity AAA gaming at up to 60 FPS and e-Sports gaming at up to 90 FPS. The AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT is equipped with up to 8 GB of GDDR6 high-speed memory and PCI Express 4.0 support for maximum game performance, exceptional power efficiency and outstanding value. Based on RDNA architecture, the Radeon RX 5700 XT Challenger Pro Series graphics card provides base/game/boost GPU clock at 1650/1795/1905 MHz. Furthermore, Radeon Image Sharpening, FidelityFX, Radeon Anti-Lag and Radeon FreeSync technologies bring about maximum performance and enhanced gaming experiences.
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