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Jan 19, 2012
    1. 3dsage
      I had it stable 24/7 on my Maximus Formula P35 -- @ 3.6GHZ (450x8), 1.512V cpu, 1.65 PLL , I forgot what my VTT was set at and I had (LLC enabled) --

      to get it to 3.8 it needed above 1.55V, and beyond that voltage had to skyrocket 1.6V just for 3.85. But I did max it at 3.93GHZ.

      BTW all this was done with liquid cooling, also for the max overclock runs. I had the Radiator inside ice water.

    2. pantherx12
      Hey fella, my xeon used to be yours once upon a time right?

      What sort of voltages ( in bios) did you use for 3.5ghz ? and what sort of voltages are safe with this chip?

      As with my replacement P5Q3 not even 1.456 volts will keep it stable.

      Currently running 3.3ghz.

      Is it just my crappy mobo holding me back?

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  • System Name: *5GHZ_STAR*
    Processor: Core i5 2500K 5GHZ 24/7 1.38Vcore
    Motherboard: Asrock P67 Extreme6
    Cooling: Scythe SCMG-2100 REV. B
    Memory: 2x2GB GSkill Ripjaw X 1600 CL7
    Video Card(s): 4850 XFIRE
    Storage: 500GB + 1TB NAS
    Display(s): I-INC 28" LCD 1920x1200
    Case: Antec P180
    Power Supply: Thermaltake TR2 TRX-650
    Software: Seven Ultimate 64-bit