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    Intel Sourgrapes AMD's Creator Performance Leadership with Laughably Dubious Data

    Given AMD's own PR gaffes recently, you'd think Intel would know enough to stay silent and let attention remain on that. Yet somebody approved not only the making of this, but the release of it at this time, and made it once again clear that no company does shady, often outright false marketing...
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    Intel Debuts Visual Identifier for Project Athena

    It's actually quite impressive to write that many words and say absolutely nothing of substance. I wonder if people in the marketing business treat it as a game? See how many meaningless buzzwords and doublespeak you can fit in whilst maintaining a degree of legibility.
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    AMD's Latest AGESA Update Removes PCIe 4.0 Support from Pre-X570 Motherboards

    It's simply not true though. AMD don't want the backlash that will come when these old boards, which were never designed with PCIe 4.0 in mind, start malfunctioning when trying to run PCIe 4.0 cards. People have a habit of blaming the CPU manufacturer for problems created by motherboard vendors...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600

    Could you link some of these interviews which definetly exist and state that developing for Intel CPUs is easier than developing for AMD CPUs? Given that you're talking in terms of "every one you've read" I'm sure you'll be able to come up with a top five. Cheers!
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    Alleged ASUS AMD X570 Motherboard Price-list Paints a Horror Story

    I wouldn't blame them if they've told motherboard manufacturers not to do it. AMD will end up being the ones who get the blowback if/when it doesn't work as expected. I still remember what an absolute mess X79 was with regards to the 2.0/3.0 switchover. Some boards could handle 3.0, some...
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    Announcing DRAM Calculator for Ryzen v1.5.0 with an Integrated Benchmark

    Nice. The previous version helped me dial in 3466MHz with tight timings, but I had zero luck with 3600MHz. Hope this one can help me get there.
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    AMD Zen3 to Leverage 7nm+ EUV For 20% Transistor Density Increase

    What absolute nonsense. Ryzen doesn't "suck" for high FPS gaming. I know that for a fact, having owned a 2700X and a 1080 Ti paired with a 1440p/165Hz monitor until I sold everything recently. What you actually mean is it's sligtly slower than a top end Intel chip clocked at 5GHz. That certainly...
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    Update on the Intel X299 Platform "VRM Disaster"

    That's nonsense, frankly. Even putting aside the fact that both AMD and Intel give very conservative figures for RAM speed support with their CPUs, with anything above that essentially being an overclock that's entirely out of their hands, board and BIOS quality have a huge impact on supported...
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    Rosenblatt Securities: "Buy" Rating to AMD Stock, "Sell" for Intel

    You could. For twice the price. Underselling AMD's price advantage is silly. Intel's chips are obscenely overpriced for the small potential performance uplift they offer (so long as you're willing to deal with the truly insane heat and power draw when they're pushed significantly beyond 4GHz)...
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    Temperature Spikes Reported on Intel's Core i7-7700, i7-7700K Processors

    Mine was incredibly spiky when I had it. Far more so than any previous Intel chip I'd owned. The delayed spin up/down options in my Asus Z270 Prime seemed non-functional too, meaning I had to use AI Suite in the end to stop my CPU fan spinning up even when doing something like opening Chromium...
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    Aqua Computer and Rockit Delidding Tools tested on Core i7-7700K

    The problem is, the "improved" thermal compound they shouted from the rooftops about for Devil's Canyon was still crap. And it's still crap to this day, as these results prove. Intel are obviously well aware of the problem, but they've done next to nothing to address it. And why would they...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz

    The 1500X has the full 16MB cache. It's only the 1400 which is cut down to 8MB (presumably they're harvested chips with faulty cache that's been disabled).
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    ASRock X370 Taichi (AMD AM4)

    It's an Intel 3168NGW.
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    Is DirectX 12 Worth the Trouble?

    This just isn't true though. As somebody using an older CPU (a Phenom II X6 1090T @ 4GHz), the benefits are stark. To use Rise of the Tomb Raider as an example, my minimum framerate in the benchmark increased by over 30fps in DX12 over DX11, from a dismal 13.51fps all the way up to 43.74fps...
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    Netflix has Some Pretty Steep System Requirements for 4K on PC

    No doubt they've received some sort of incentive from Intel (and possibly Microsoft for using their horrific DRM in the first place) for this state of affairs. We already know that Nvidia's 1000 series cards support all the hardware-level DRM in play here, as Microsoft themselves have confirmed...