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Nov 24, 2017 at 8:23 PM
May 7, 2009
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London, UK


Lab Extraordinaire, from London, UK

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Nov 24, 2017 at 8:23 PM
    1. Fourstaff
      Mostly Dota 2 over Steam, I play others too.
    2. Fourstaff
      Yes I am doing good, thanks for asking. Graduated from IC, I'll be going home soon. How are you doing yourself? Steam is under Fourstaff, if you want to add me :D
    3. de.das.dude
      i know they reproduce by mitosis. but asexual reproduction is not fun and err.. sexy :p
    4. _JP_
      Confirmation that it was me on Steam! :p
    5. Fourstaff
      Yeah, good luck for June! Its infinitely more stressful, no part due to the fact that its your last set of exams, and no more retakes after that (unless you want to repeat, that is).
    6. Fourstaff
      How did it go? Good? I didnt notice the message until know, sorry :/

      On the flip side, memo just came out, and the boss said that the results are appalling. Feel so happy now that I know I am not the only failure in the class :3
    7. Fourstaff
      Chemistry is a bit more of the tough side, but it should be doable as long as you "crunch through the past year papers and memorise everything from the book". Yeah, I am a complete idiot in chem, but I still manage to get an A just by "working like an asian".
    8. Fourstaff
      Retake? What retake? You are only allowed to retake exams if it means that failing those will result in your expulsion. No, unlike A-Levels, universities cannot take these "retake" nonsense, the find them insulting (I failed? oh, retake :P). A bit like life, sadly. January tests only account to 5% of the marks of this year anyway, so its no biggie. If I fail more than I should, I will have to explain myself to the senior tutor etcetcetc. Well, good luck on your Physics and Chem, maths should be a piece of cake for you, (so should physics and chem, but those papers can be real b!tch3s!).
    9. Fourstaff
      Hi Bo££! I have just successfully screwed my January round of tests, and no doubt you are still powering through your set of January tests, so when you are done with them, I will take questions you have about Imperial College (and university life)! :D
    10. Fourstaff
      Will see you in a year then. We can start a TPU club there :D
    11. Fourstaff
      Boss! Imperial College has like i7 860's in one of their computer room. 8Gb worth of ram, I feel like installing a good graphics card there and game on!
    12. xrealm20
      Customs forms were filled out online - should clear customs soon.
    13. Techtu
      Nahh buddy I live some way up north from you :\

      I won't be able to have that PSU from you, however if you let me know your paypal I'll pay you for the WLan card + posting?
    14. Techtu
      It certainly will be for at least the WLan card, not too sure about the PSU yet as I still haven't been to the bank to check what money is extra for me to spend lol, I'll tell ya what I'll finish my coffee then go down and check.
    15. CDdude55
      Thanks. :)
    16. _JP_
      Thanks for adding me as a friend! :)
      And sorry about the late response. :p
    17. kyle2020
      ok, ill bear you in mind :)
    18. twicksisted
      Living in Kent... whereabout you stay?
    19. FreedomEclipse
      yep - most members from the UK live out of london. though, so no free beer on weekends :(
    20. FreedomEclipse
      tottenham! home of spurs
    21. FreedomEclipse
    22. Ripper3
      I'm in the East. East Ham to be precise. How about you?
    23. Solaris17
      :/ thats TPU bro
    24. Solaris17
      the one in my location? or my dvd thread?
    25. Bo$$
      not just yet, maybe physics or chem or even biology lol, im totally clueless :)
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