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    Is this a good overclock result for my graphic card?

    Newbie here! I have attempted my first graphic card overclock. I have an ATI Radeon X800XL PCI-e 256Mb graphic card. After much google searching regarding the best overclocks attained with this card, the core speed seem to revolve around the 450 mark for best stability. Because of my...
  2. Brawly

    Question about "find max core" with ATITool

    Thanks WarEagleAU! I will give it a try and will post my results when I get to a safe overclock. As I am not very familiar with ATITools, would your opinion be that it is a pretty reliable utility? How is the accuracy? By the way, your response is appreciated!:)
  3. Brawly

    Question about "find max core" with ATITool

    Hello everyone - Newbie here! I would like to overclock my ATI Radeon X800XL PCI-e graphic card. I have installed the atitool utility and after carefully reading the instructions for use on the tech Power Up site, decided to give it a go! This being my first time, and well aware that...