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    How do i know if my motherboard has PCI or PCI E

    Sloturi extensie PCI Express 3.0 x16: 1 PCI Express 2.0 x1: 2
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    Z270, 7700k, 16GB 3200MHz or H270, 7700, 16GB 2400MHz? (Price difference US$94)

    If you already have an i7-6700 system, I would just keep that. It will be plenty fast to power whatever video card you use. Upgrading to Kabylake really isn't worth the cost if you have a Skylake system.
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    Total War: Warhammer

    Currently $12 on Humble Bundle. It comes with around 6 more games at the end of the month. The DLC is extremely expensive, but getting the base game for $12 is a lot of value. I've been having fun with the campaign and siege battles.
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    computer for parents

    I think the $400 is everything but the CPU, which should be quite possible. Have you seen the Deskmini 110? Deskmini 110 - $150 Samsung Evo 850 250GB - $100 GSkill 8GB Ram - $55 Total: $305 Almost a hundred extra to spend on another HDD or just add a new Kaby Lake Pentium. They are dual core...
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    ASRock Unveils the H110-STX MXM Motherboard

    Yes, ASRock calls it Micro STX. I'm using the Deskmini 110 mini-STX PC right now and really like it. This form factor looks awesome, but it all comes down to MXM graphics card price and availability. I'm hoping there are some reasonable barebone kits available in the future, like the Deskmini 110.
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    Does anyone actually game on an AMD APU?

    Could you please give me some framerates from some games and at what resolution? It would be good to compare, since I may have configured something wrong. I haven't tried overclocking yet, but my 7870k throttles back down to 3 GHz anytime there is significant load on the GPU.
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    Does anyone actually game on an AMD APU?

    I just built a system with a A10-7870K. It plays current games at 1080p (MGS V, Dirt Rally, etc.) on low settings around 30 fps. You can maybe get 60 fps at 720p. It will be absolutely enough for most MOBA's, older games, and the tons of less demanding games on Steam. You can't expect it to play...
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    **ENDED**Giveaway time: Tom Clancy's The Division + $15 Newegg Gift Card + Consortium:Mstr Edition

    I would like to enter. Thanks for the giveaway!
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    OFFICIAL Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Review)

    That is fixed. The made sniping impossible on GZ, but everything works as it should in TPP.
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    Thanks again for the giveaway. Hopefully I responded in time. I did a reformat/fresh install of Windows and didn't log into TPU until now. Got to have my alerts email me from now on :)
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    I like that they included California's Hwy 1. I'm sure it will be slightly different racing on it in this game, compared to my joyride through it in my xB earlier this year :) Thanks for the giveaway.
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    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Green Man Gaming: Metal Gear Solid V for $46.20. Rocket League for $15.40. Use coupon code SAVE23-WITHGM-GSEP15 at checkout. This code works on most games from Greenmangaming. Bioshock Infinite for $1 following these steps. Start Here. Credit to Slickdeals.net. Games Radar.com has teamed up...
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    anyone got experience with korean monitors?

    Little update in case anyone was going to try the Alloxx 1440p monitor. I may have just received a lemon, but this monitor is awful. The listing on ebay stated there would be DVI input only, but I received one with VGA, DVI, and HDMI, which is a completely different monitor than I was expecting...
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    anyone got experience with korean monitors?

    I was in the same situation last weekend. I went with this Alloxx model. I'm assuming it's a Korean one as well, but there is absolutely nothing I could find about it. I wanted one with no scaler/multiple inputs, so there little to no input lag, and hopefully it overclocks as well. I liked that...