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    Ikko OH10 In-Ear Monitors

    I had no idea you could shove a monitor in your ear.
  2. brutlern

    Horizon Zero Dawn Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    The reason you had 20gb usage the first time is because you jumped straight into the game right after doing the shader optimization which has a nasty memory leak. ALWAYS restart the game IMMEDIATELY after doing the shader optimization. This was know on day 1 (actually literally hours after...
  3. brutlern

    Death Stranding Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    Is there any way to force DSR in Death Stranding? I know you can do it by changing the desktop to the desired (or higher) resolution with DSR and that way the game will allow the DSR resolution to be selected, but that results in a blurry jumbled mess of a desktop which I just want to avoid.
  4. brutlern

    NVIDIA Surpasses Intel in Market Cap Size

    Yeah, but nvidia makes GPUs while Intel makes CPUs and people change their GPUs way more often than they change their CPUs so it's simple math that nvidia would overtake intel at one point.
  5. brutlern

    NVIDIA GeForce Now Loses More Publishers, Xbox Game Studios and WB Games Wave Goodbye

    I think Ubisoft is still on board I think.
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    Half Life: Alyx Now Released for VR Systems, Receives Acclaim in Reviews

    I'll wait for the standard non-VR FPS version. (Never gonna happen though :p)
  7. brutlern

    GeForce Game Ready Half-Life: Alyx Driver 445.75

    Anotha day, anotha driva. Good to see Control getting DLSS 2.0. Might check dat one out. Especially since the DLC is comming out soon.
  8. brutlern

    DOOM Eternal Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    I can get anywhere between 100 fps to 250 fps on 1440p ultra nightmare (2080 super). That's a variation of 150 fps. The charts show 160 avg fps for a 2080 super, but unless everyone can run the same benchmark getting anything close to a meaningful result is exercise in futility. Is there a...
  9. brutlern

    What's your PC Game of the Year?

    Why is Control so low? Why is Borderlands 3 higher than Control? What the hell?
  10. brutlern

    Outer Worlds Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    I don't think it's optimized for nvidia, it's just that nvidia has always done better in DX11 than AMD. If it were DX12 or Vulkan, it would be a much more level playing field.
  11. brutlern

    EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Super Black

    I just recently bought a 2080 Super and would like to run some benchmarks and compare them. I am specifically interested in AC: Odyssey. Can anyone tell me what settings were used and if the built in benchmark was used or some custom test?
  12. brutlern

    Unigine Heaven 4.0 Benchmark Scores Part 2

    I see that there are no 2080 Super's in the charts so have some 2080 Super's (1080p and 1440p) For 1080p the clocks are: CPU: i7-7700K @ 4.6 Ghz GPU: Gigabyte 2080 Super Gaming OC: - Core @ 1950 Mhz (I assume the actual boost clock is the one needed, I provided a screenshot of...
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    Metallic Gear Neo-G Mini

    Neo-Geo Neo-Geo four bright buttons and two joysticks.
  14. brutlern

    AMD to Slash Radeon RX 5700 "Navi" Series Prices Ahead of Launch: $399 & $349

    That's not how business works. The idea is to draw people away from the green team and join the red team. Proper business practice is to figure out how to get the consumers who are not buying your stuff to start buying your stuff.
  15. brutlern

    AMD to Slash Radeon RX 5700 "Navi" Series Prices Ahead of Launch: $399 & $349

    "DO NOT drop prices" ???? Are you high? Video card prices are through the roof already and getting more and more expensive each year. Nvidia can charge whatever they want because there is no competition. If AMD brings the competition, but does not drop prices, Nvidia still doesn't have to drop...