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    BIOS Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming 8GB Rev 2.0

    Are you 100% certain you have Samsung memory?
  2. dark2099

    AHCI mode

    So replace the CMOS battery?
  3. dark2099

    Intel RST VMD F6 Floppy driver

    Feel free to take a baseball bat or equivalent to my head, got home from work, checked my google drive, was smart enough to upload it there. Thanks for the help!
  4. dark2099

    Intel RST VMD F6 Floppy driver

    I did check Acer's website, supposedly hosted by dell, but without a serial #, can't get anywhere there.
  5. dark2099

    Intel RST VMD F6 Floppy driver

    If only that were true, but I do need it, can't disable VMD in BIOS either.
  6. dark2099

    Intel RST VMD F6 Floppy driver

    Hey all, I'm trying to reinstall windows on my laptop, and I am in need of the VMD F6 Floppy driver so that the windows install can recognize the SSD, but Intel no longer host the driver, so curious if someone is awesome and has it. Thanks! Windows 11 Acer laptop Intel i5 11th Gen
  7. dark2099

    You be the awesome for offering up that card, you'll be even more awesomer if random.org like...

    You be the awesome for offering up that card, you'll be even more awesomer if random.org like me. Entering.
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    Trouble Getting AMD Drivers

    You might try the second driver listed here.
  9. dark2099

    Upgrade from 9700K to 7600X + B650 mobo for current RTX 3080. Advice needed, which parts to pick?

    Looking at the Linus Tech Tips PSU Tier list, the ION line by Fractal is in their top tier, but if you share the UL code, someone can cross-reference who makes it actually, and give you the better idea, but should be fine for the new system. I'd go for whichever motherboard is more robust...
  10. dark2099

    Phanteks Shift Xt with EKWB 4090 active backplate waterblock

    Look at the specs for the case, often times it will list the max length allowed for GPU, then compare to the size of the waterblock.
  11. dark2099

    Updating GPU BIOS, but Subsystem ID is on Techpowerup.

    So why do you want to flash a new BIOS?
  12. dark2099

    Can PCI version affects nvme speed?

    Either you didn't save the setting in BIOS, or you may have changed the PCIE slot speed, not the M2.
  13. dark2099

    Problem with integrated graphics

    If using a dedicated GPU doesn't cause the issue, but only using the iGPU does, than likely the iGPU/CPU is the problem. If you have a spare MB or CPU, or a friend has one you can use, try your CPU in another motherboard, and another CPU in your motherboard.
  14. dark2099

    Raspberry Pi 4 Model B/8GB as a main machine

    Never used one, but I am going to bet that the endurance of a SD card isn't the same as a SSD, so likely would have to replace that somewhat regularly, where as a proper SSD will last longer. Also, unless you're going for the very best SD card, likely isn't going to be as fast as an SSD, so...