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    Asus STRIX 1080 OC VBIOS compatibility

    One thing I am noticing in the screen shot with GPU-Z, the card is running 8x 1.1, now I know at idle MBs/GPUs will drop link speed, but I've never known them to drop link width, IE going from 4.0 to 1.1, but not 16x down to 8x or 4x. So that is something to look into, though not sure that would...
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    Same RAM, different sizes.

    Are the exactly the same kit, just different sizes, or no? If not, you'll either need to let them run the JEDEC specs (default, non xmp), or find out what main timings they can run together manually.
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    Seeking driver for K620

  4. dark2099

    New phone. What to choose?

    Been on the Google phone train since the Nexus 6, haven't had every generation, but never been disappointed by them.
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    Gigabyte GeForce 3080 Drivers Won't Install - Desperate for help!!

    Did you buy the card used or new? If new, either exchange from where you got it, or RMA with Gigabyte.
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    I don't understand 5600X pricing.

    The 5600X has double the L3 Cache, and supports PCIE 4.0 where as the 5600G doesn't.
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    5700XT temp issues

    They might, I needed 3mm for another card I have, so just used those, but did have to use some thicker washers to get the contact on the die, though I did some things to that which might be more the culprit than the pads.
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    5700XT temp issues

    Upgrade the thermal pads, I have a Mech OC, that with the new pads I put on, dropped mem temps 8c. These are what I used.
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    5700XT temp issues

    Probably not, granted I didn't have a Vega, done that with other cards, and I try to find a thinner washer, and only do the screws that surround the actual GPU, not every screw.
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    Possible Improvements

    Hello @unclewebb, was curious if there were any settings that might improve things for me, not that I have any issues, but used Throttlestop with my 8th Gen, and I know that the 11th gen, and maybe with Win 11 too (so can roll back if you think it's worth it) limit what can be done, but hoping...
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    Very BAD nvme performance on B550 Vision D

    If that drive is a 980 pro, grab Samsung magician and check the firmware, those drives were know to have speed issues on launch firmware, which has since been updated.
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    Arctic press release about defective batches of Arctic MX-5

    Covered already in the news. https://www.techpowerup.com/291072/arctic-identifies-bad-batch-of-mx-5-tim-in-the-market-offers-free-replacements
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    I9 12900k thermal issues

    Check the power limit settings in BIOS, some Z690 boards are known to default to giving the CPU way too much power, thus, temps sky rocket. For your RAM, is it 2x16GB sticks, or 4x8GB, if 4x8GB, that can be part of the problem with it running 3600MHz, unless you're not telling the board to use...
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    GTX 1070 Vram not detected by GPU-Z - Please help

    Can you post high res pictures of the cards, and specifically any stickers that might have a part number listed?
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    GeForce RTX 2080TI Artefacting under load

    Who makes the card?